Thursday, August 22, 2013

P DAY AT LAST!!! I am in the laundry room currently wishing the laundry fairy would take care of my clothes like usual... Apparently there is no timer here, so that will be nice. I love the MTC though. It is like football camp, just hanging with all of the bros. I have bonded so well with these guys here.

So, where to begin. One week down! Crazy awesome. It really hasn't felt like a week to me. The first few days were rough, but after that, this week has been pretty quick. I came down with the cold on Thursday, and I am still recovering. No time to feel sorry for myself. Let me run y'all through the week, that might be better. The first day was crazy, just shuttling me around from room to room. It was all such a blur really. I had no idea where I was or where I was going. Even though we were a little late, I was the first one to the classroom. I met my teachers right there, and they are awesome. Brother Gleason served in North Carolina, and Sister Tovar served in Melbourne Australia. She served with Weston Bellon, small world right? They talked to me for a long time, then sent me to do some orientation videos. I think I came across intelligent, probably cause of the glasses. We got to know our district once everyone got here. My companion turned out to be awesome, super outgoing and confident, and a total sports nut. I wish he was a little more focused at times, but it is good. My district is so solid, we are all in the same boat, no real need to break the ice. There is four in our room and four in the one right next. The two elders in our room are headed to Baltimore, Elder Jensen and Elder Welch.  We connect really well. Random fact, I am the oldest person in the classroom... They call me gramps. We had dinner which was good, I'd say a step up from Cafeteria food. Later we had a get to know you game and a tour of campus. Didn't really learn much, it was all so overwhelming. Got to bed late cause we were talking.

Thursday was the first full day. We started learning to teach and what not, nothing super exciting happened. We had a get to know you meeting with our Branch Presidency and we stood up and shared our testimony. The next day we taught our first lesson and it went well I thought. I saw a few people I knew here, which I wasn't expecting. We had gym that day too, so we balled it up!

Friday, we taught again and learned more. We spend like 9 hours in a classroom everyday. I do my best to stay focused and be the best student I can be. Saturday was the same really, more teaching and learning. Today I busted out my voices while we sat around just hanging out. Everyone is amazed by them!

Sunday was really nice, because there were no classes at all. It was a day more for us really. I was really sick, so it was miserably long. We also got to walk around the Provo temple. Biggest news from Sunday was me and my companion were called to be Zone Leaders. I like having the responsibility. I just wish I knew more. This is my zone ninjas! It is only for a week though haha. We have to do the new people orientation tonight, and we have to do a prank on the newbies. So I might use one of my voices since I am leading the meeting. I also was called to be travel leader, so I am responsible for getting 24 people to Atlanta safely. That will be interesting.

Today is PDay, so we slept in a whole hour and a half, it was awesome. I have needed the sleep since I have been so exhausted lately being sick. Nothing too special has happened today, but we will get to go through the temple later on.

Thanks so much for the packages! I don't think I will be able to eat even half of it. Maybe we can have it sent to Georgia? It is nice hearing from everyone though! Austin, da fing is good bro! Thanks for the tips and I will make sure to do my best. I was super stressed before, but then I realized I was more ready than I thought. I love learning, and the teaching is kind of fun really. There is indeed always fun. These guys are my bros for sure now. I wish I could spend another week with them, but we will all be separated here soon. Maybe we will be comps soon. I love them. The mtc is really such an awesome place. But yeah, 24 of us are headed to Georgia! Mom I think the flight leaves Tuesday around 8:30. I know we will be up at 3:30, and leave at 4:30. So anywhere in that window I could give you a call!

I love you all so much, and I cannot think of anything I need right now. I could go for a hug in all honesty. Know that I am doing well and that I am learning lots. I feel good about where I am right now. It is flying so fast already. One week down, 103 to go! I think I will be home August 11th in 2015! I seriously love all of you! Can't wait to hear from you soon. I won't be having another Pday until Georgia, so that is like a week and half. Have one blessed up week fam!


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