Sunday, August 18, 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Safe Arrival

I have just a quick second to let you know that I am safe and sound here in the MTC. Such an incredibly huge blur. My companion is Elder Meservey, he is just barely 19 and from Spanish Fork. He is 6'4" and big into baseball and sports. He is easy to talk to and a good guy. We will see what we both become here. I am in a room with two other elders that are headed to Baltimore. Sorry I don't have pictures of them. My district is really sweet. They follow me around when we don't know where to go. They call me grandpa or gramps. All these 18 year olds, I tell you! They are fun and eager to go, but I think my maturity is about to sign me up for leadership duties... We will see. We meet our Branch Presidency tonight. We have our first teaching appointment tomorrow... He is a 22 year old guy named Everett and was referred by his friend. He is agnostic, and his best friend just left on his mission, so he is interested to look into it. Pray for me haha... I am going to need everything I can get. First the worst, hopefully not. I feel so much more open to talk to all of the people here, it is weird. Hopefully I can carry this through the mission. There is so much to learn here, it is crazy. I feel like I have so many questions, but don't know where to start. I am so lost all of the time here on the campus. In other news, there is a tree that smells like Cream Soda, we will see if it tastes like it. I feel a lot more confident in where I am right now, I guess the Spirit is working through me. Sometimes I think to much about what is going on, which is typical. I will conquer that eventually. It is a lot of laughing and jokes so far amongst our district, so it has been fun. The food is average at best. Cafeteria food really. There are just so many people here, it is crazy. Hmm..... I need to be off to Dinner now! I thought I would send you a line! I love you guys so much for everything y'all do! I will get you a much more extensive letter soon! I am doing well though! I love you guys, and look forward to hearing from y'all soon. 

Elder Barnes

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