Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How is everyone back home?? It is so crazy to think I have been gone almost a whole month... Where did time go? The days feel like weeks, but the weeks feel like days.. most of the time. Thank you so much for shooting me a line! I know how it is some days, but I live to hear from y'all!
This week was went by quick. I really don't remember where to start. My mind has kind of gone blank. I wish I had my journal beside me so I could remember what exactly happened. Let me see if I can recall the days. Pretty much we don't have many people to teach right now and we are trying to get out and knock doors and dig into potential and former investigators. I can't remember specifics.. each day kind of turns into the same thing. Wake up, study, iron a shirt, eat breakfast, study more, eat lunch, head out on our bikes, ride heaps!
I really am interested in a bike odometer. The hills here are crazy. At the end of every downhill, there is an uphill. And no, they aren't equal and opposite! Newton was wrong. I can't tell you how many doors we have visited that people have such strong faith in Jesus Christ. They are so open when we come to the door, and we just get chatting to them about any and everything. They recognize we are His representatives. They always ask if we need a water. They usually pray with us and then for us. It is so frustrating because they don't realize they don't have the fullness of Christ's Gospel. Seriously, so many people. Why can't they just open the door and want us to teach them right then and there! Most other people aren't interested at all.
White washing is wicked hard, but it has been awesome to get to know the ward more. They are really awesome people and they will drop anything for us. I just wish they would let me repay them in some way, like doing the dishes or little things. They are pretty stubborn about us doing nothing, except eat their food. We make sure to leave a thought.  My first real thought was yesterday with a family we had already eaten with before. It went well though. I just wish we had more opportunities to teach. We have a little teaching pool right now. Wednesday we had our very first District Meeting. The sisters in the district are awesome! Without them we would be so lost. Lost in Lost Mountain. We have spent a ton of time riding around and meeting the ward members as well! There are some incredible people here. People keep telling me it has been a mild summer, but it is hot, not going to lie. Is it as bad as people said, I don't think so. But I really never dry out until we are back at the apartment.
Saturday was the best. I got two letters from Abby and an incredible package from my super incredible mom. Thank you so much. I had honestly been praying for mail! I wrote in my journal the day before. Prayers do get answered. I love the ties a lot too! I had to coax elder Savage into wearing his on Sunday. He even said the day before he needed more ties. Everyone at church loved them too! We go to the temple on Friday! So hopefully the clothes get here! Thanks for everything! I love the song you sent me too! Glad you found it! That was more than I could have ever asked for. Being without a car is hard really. We have to plan our trips a lot smarter. My legs are always sore, but eventually it will get easier. My bike's brakes don't work half the time, so going down these hills can be a little scary. We have ward members take us shopping thankfully!. Food is a good fit! From what I can tell there is a McDOnalds and a Chick Fil A. Not sure what else. I think my suits will survive!

Sunday was super awesome, and this ward always has the best insights. I ran into a scripture in 2nd Corinthians 12:9-10. Read it! Pretty much sums up my life right now! I just want to be great not just good! Know that I am doing well and that each day seems to get better. I am still struggling, but that means I am learning! Have one blessed up week my awesome family! I can't wait for next Pday to hear from y'all! I love you so very much and keep being incredible! Sometime soon I think the time will really start flying! 

Elder Dallan Barnes




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