Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19th
Dearest Beloved Family,
What's good in the not so hood? I think have fully realized how not sketchy Utah is. It truly is Zion (most of the members who aren't from there would disagree!) Maybe if there was more to do there that would make it better! And if it had trees and greenery! My week has been splendid, and I am excited to hear about y'alls! It could be better, but such is life. We continually met crazier and crazier people. So let me jump right on in to it.
Monday we had a lazy Pday finally, and to be honest, it felt like such a waste. I napped for much longer than I had hoped, and I didn't feel rested one bit. Three hour nap. I have a fear that I won't like naps when I get home. Of which, I will have a problem with. So yeah, nothing too major happened that day. We taught a family, the Shivers Family (All I can think about when I hear that name, is the song on Muppet Treasure Island, Shiver my timber, shiver my soul.... What a classic!) about the Plan of Salvation. They have committed to be baptized on June 14th so we are excited to help get them there! There are four of them, which would be just the best.
Tuesday, I had to put together another District Meeting, which was a little more difficult. Revelation still happens though! We were in the middle of the meeting, talking about miracles, then I hear a little bell from the back door opening. I don't usually leave it unlocked, but this time I did. A lady named Annie came in and was in shambles, and needed some love. There was not a better place to stumble upon. It was hard to top that! People are truly being prepared. We got to have dinner at the DaSilva's family's home, and I had some really good chicken, it wasn't fried, but his wife is from Macon. Finger lickin' good! We got to teach the Smejkal family again (he has been Less active awhile and has adopted Atheist Beliefs, his wife being Agnostic too) and it seems like things are ticking. It is just a matter of time. It was a miracle we made it on time. We were bus hopping like Pro's. The Lord had to have timed them for us.
Wednesday we ended up having to teach Gospel Study, on Following the Prophet. I felt like it went really well, it is amazing what some planning can do for you.
Thursday, planning day as usual. We had several appointments set up, that didn't quite pan out. To make things worse we had Brother Roylance out with us. We improvised, and went to find a Less Active. A naked man in just a towel angrily told us that he just got out of the shower (Thanks Sherlock, Or maybe Georgians lounge around naked in their homes... That must be why they don't answer their doors). We found out the person we were looking for does live there. I asked the man at the door what his relationship to him was, and what he heard was "What is your relationship with him?" then proceeded to tell us he wasn't gay. We ended up spending a moment with the Roylance family working on their family mission plan, and they are amazing to say the least.
Friday was another strange day. We met a Hobo Pimp, that every other word he said, was "Pimp" or "Pimpin'". Apparently The Trinity is a Pimp, said the 3 toothed man. It was overall just a strange conversation. I felt a bit of prejudice too, a couple of people yelled loudly out there window to "Get the **** out of our Neighborhood!" People wouldn't even stand by us at the bus stop. We met a Catholic Muslim man from Somalia, who told us he hates all the Jews and if he killed them, they would go to a better place (Good thing we are Christian). One man started rapping for us, and nothing rhymed. But he was trying, bless his heart! It was Christian Rap too. We met with our investigator named Patience, and she is doing so well! She cannot get baptized until she moves out, but we set a goal with her for baptism. July 12th! To have a Job and be out. She has been taught it all, so it is just a matter of time.
Saturday, we met a couple of other interesting children, them being first a Less Active Member who needed a blessing at the VA Hospital. He is from Alabama, and he could use some friends/company. He told us that he had a dream that Jesus Christ came down and told him he wouldn't die until he had a mate. He then told us," I So I am on the Hunt!" We taught a lady named Danita and her family, that we were led to last Saturday, and hopefully she will let us help her move. She loved what we had to say, even if her shirt said, "Pretty women turn head. Me and my B******, we break necks." No neck Breaking here brochacho. We linked up with a Less Active that sat by us last Monday at the Library. He is wanting so bad to come back to church, and he even has a son out on a mission. I did get the package, thanks so much Mom! And a letter from Abby! It had been a little while since I got mail, and to make things even better, you cooked for us Mom! Thanks for the Pizza too!

Sunday was a good and long day. It rained all day, and we also had a Linger Longer again. Nieta stooped in with her kids. I had missed them so much too! She is looking to switch jobs here soon, and I am most certain the Lord will lead her to where she needs to be. The Stake Presidency stooped in for a while so everyone was on their best. Things are rolling here in the Twin Oaks Ward. Much more so than when I got here in February. We helped another family with their family mission plan, the Embley's. They are amazing too. Them and the Roylance's. I had the blessing as well to give another baptismal interview for a young woman named Abbi. The other elders have been working with her, and she is ready to go. They said she was pretty shy, but I did not catch any of that. My people skills I must have gotten from my parents!
So that's about it. We will be doing a sports day with the other Elders in the Zone, and just keep it simple. That is about all I got! Thanks again for the sweet email! glad to hear all is well back at the Barn! (get it, Barn... Barnes!) Y'all are doing amazing, because you are amazing! Keep it up and continue to fight the good fight! Let me know what I can do for anyone of y'all! Thanks for all you do! Have another blessed up week, and we will 'connect' next Monday! Love you all!

Elder Dallan Barnes
"You want to know why my hands are so rough? Booty Slappin'" - Our Hobo Pimp Friend, Twynn. (Made sure to not shake his hand again..)

"Don't worry, babies bounce." Bro. Roylance, when his son slipped off the couch. I am sure that is what you said when you dropped me. 

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