Monday, May 5, 2014

       Happy Cinco De Mayo from Atlanta!

May 5th,

Eyyy Holmes! Happy Cinco De Mayo Mang!
It has been a pretty great Cinco De Mayo, minus the fact that there aren't many hispanic people around this neck of the woods! We are about the closest thing we got. And yes, we are getting pretty tan... from the Sleeve down and the Collar Up. It's a pretty attractive look might I add! Thank you for the email! Let me jump into my week, well, first, I will not be transferred and neither will Elder Skouson. We dodged the transfer bullet. We will remain here in Decatur Georgia for at least another six weeks! Good things are to come! Stay tuned!
Pday panned out to be alright last week, we went to Piedmont again for some Volleyball and what not. It was good to get out at least! Nothing too notable happened outside of that. Well, I did get a package with those dinner ideas! And we will be gathering the ingredients today to make us some pizza's and Alfredo Chicken Casserole! Thanks Mom, your the best ever!
I think you might have heard, but Tuesday through Thursday we had Tornado and Serious Storm warnings, which totally didn't pan out. It was kind of lame, all the hype then nothing. But yes, we are still alive, thank the Heavens! I actually orchestrated my first exchange, which went really well! Elder Weaver came to Decatur with me, and I will say that he seemed really out of place. It is certainly something to get used to, being the only white people on the train/bus. I find it funny when I see another white person hop on, I ask myself, "Dude, what're you doing here?" Then I realize that I'm white too, but not really! There is something in the water that helps that conversion move quicker. We were able to talk to some fairly crazy people so Elder Weaver got a taste of what we run into on the daily. The word of the Day, we got from some California Kid named Kado, the word is "Lick". As in, "That's so lick bro!" Yeah, we use that one for spite now! GET OUT OF HERE DEVIN!!! We got to give the Sacrament to Sister Jackson again which was another neat experience. She will be headed back home to Alabama soon.

Wednesday we got to go to an Assisted living center for some service. A member's children are musically gifted, and they put on a concert for the inmates. We got to push the people around and visit with them. We will be having a Bible Study put together soon! I felt a little out of place though, but it was good because everyone needs the Gospel. We later got in contact with a referral named Marcus, and he is so down to get baptized! He called us to have us come by, and he was wanting to know what it takes to become a member of the church. He is getting back on his feet though. He's separated, looking for a job, but going to college for Welding. We're pumped for him!
Thursday, the typical weekly planning day, aka, a lot of time in the apartment. We got out, met some crazy people, then made our way to our dinner appointment. We had it at the Atkins family, and they are amazing as well! Being with them, I felt the most comfortable in a long while. It was good to have some laughs and talk about missionary work. It can be fun, you know!

Friday we spent our time at the Temple! It really is the best ever! The peace there is just like Jesus Christ mentions in John 14:27, peace that this world cannot attain. I am not sure how missionaries go a whole mission without going. We are so spoiled here. We had a great Zone Training Meeting as well. It is always good to be instructed from our leaders. We have some more tools to further hasten the work, which we are excited to put into action.
Saturday was by far one of the longest days I have had while serving. Everything fell through, which has happened frequently, but no one wanted to speak with us. After our amazing experiences at the Temple, Satan was working hardest I am sure. It wasn't until the end of the day that we were led to a family that wanted to hear about the Gospel. And at the end of the day, that is all that matters, if it be we find just one soul, it makes the day totally worth is. It is amazing what prayer can do for us! We look forward to working with the Harrison family soon!

Sunday was great! We were on our usual pins and needles regarding transfer calls, which didn't happen. I wasn't very nervous about them to be honest. I don't see myself staying too much longer here for some reason, but we will see what the Lord has in mind. We had to help someone teach primary, which turned into just me teaching primary, which was frustrating to say the least. Hung out to dry. But we recovered and also met a man named Tyrese. He was out cold during Sacrament meeting. We thought he was dead, totally motionless. He smelled of alcohol, so we will have to check back and see what if the alcohol is helping him to come closer to Christ. We had a great discussion with the Ward Leaders about missionary work, and they are so on board! Things are truly changing! We met with some awesome families and taught Marcus a full Restoration Lesson, with a member there. Having members out is so powerful. He still wants to be baptized. He is so humble and knowledgeable as well. Hopefully we will see him in white in the coming weeks!
Today, we are hoping to make it to the aquarium. Many pictures will be taken, no worries Mom! Outside of that, nothing too much will be going on. Oh, we will be teaching Nieta (she actually just texted us two scriptures of the day! Legit!) and The Sampey Family. It will be a pretty solid P-night!
That's about all I got for everyone. Thank you again for the email and the uplifting news! All seems to be splendid back at home! Y'all keep being amazing and let me know if there is anything I can do for you! Have a blessed up week, and enjoy it! We are meant to be happy! Love you all so very much!

Elder Dallan Barnes

When Opposition is Highest, Miracles are Nighest! 

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