Tuesday, April 29, 2014

                   Easter Egg hunt on top of Stone Mountain!

                    Nieta's Baptism!!!

April 28, 2014

Good Morning from the South!
Another week in one MARTA bus and right out the other! It was an amazing week, and from what I can gather, it seems like y'alls was a-okay as well! We have seen some amazing things come to pass. God is so good! Let me jump into the week!
So to wrap up Monday, it was great! I wish we had a car and that only me and my companion hid the eggs. The other Elders didn't pick up anything except they were trying to find the Golden egg, and that's it. But, it was super busy and super hot on the stone. The Sisters and the Senior Couple had a good time, and we made it to the top, snapped some photos, and unfortunately, my camera died. Sis. Allen should have some photos though! We also got pretty tan, which is a bonus.
Tuesday, you should have seen how tired everyone was at district meeting. It was kind of like after being a few days to Lake Powell, Sunburnt a little, and nodding off. I think everyone could have gone for a nap, not this time unfortunately. We set some district goals, and everyone was game to go out and achieve them. Namely, we wanted to measure how many times we asked "Who do you know?" Trying to get more referrals. We wanted to do 10 a day, for 6 days, grand total 240. We got 245! And we got the investigators and referrals to back them up! We also faced some serious opposition, a lady we call, devil lady! We had just finished teaching Nieta (she's golden!!) and were on our way back. We were chatting casually with some people, and she came up, and said (literally, exact quote): "Don't buy any of this crap these morons are telling you. You will go to hell with them. Joseph Smith was a fraud nor was he nailed to that Cross." Then walked away. All I said, "Thank you." The only reason there is that kind of opposition, is because it is true.
Wednesday we actually witnessed a prescription drug trade. The dude was pretty blatant about it. We also stumbled into a Muslim community. Not sure what to tell them. At least they are super friendly! We got to do some impromptu service, and helped take care of trees and limbs that had been cut down. Usually they don't let us help, but we were persistent! The leaves had thorns, so we suffered a little, but it was worth it. Adrian and his wife are super interested in learning more and are wanting to be baptized. We will get back and get them a date to the font! Nieta got her baptismal interview, and she passed easy peasy! We also invited some random stranger on the street to come to Bible Study, and she came! All we are asked to do, is invite!
Thursday, was weekly planning as usual, and we wrapped that up with an exchange with our Zone Leaders. Elder Skouson was the MARTA master, and I went up to Dunwoody. The work is the same wherever you go. It was nice to get a change of scenery though! We just did a bunch of finding. We got yelled at, which hadn't happened to me in a while. I love it though, it just makes me realize how true this is. We tried a tricky move in Walmart. One person acts like they are trying on pants at the dressing room, the other man is the point man, finding the person to talk to. I was that guy, and the first person I talked to grew up next to a Mormon Church in Nigeria, always had questions, and needs a church home to go to. Ask and ye shall receive, true story!
Friday, we exchanged back. And found ourselves literally running for every bus. Full board sprint. It made it exhilarating! And, to make things sweeter, we made it to our appointment on time! We met with the Sampey family, Sis Sampey is a Member, but not her Husband. She really wants him to get baptized so they can be sealed together. She is returning because they have a kid now, and family comes first. They have another on the way. I knew I could relate a little to their situation. He has a calling, comes to church even when his wife can't. Always has lived the commandments. He's too good not to be a member. We also had another encounter with satan lady. Same time, same station. She acted like she might have seen us before. I even caught her drawing on the benches. I tried to be civil and friendly, but she wasn't having none of it. 
Saturday was baptism day!!! We were also able to clean the church before hand. We studied there, and cleaned up. We were there from 9 to 7. Long day, but totally worth it! Nieta was baptized by Elder Skouson, and it was amazing! Her whole family came out to support her as well. We had enough refreshments to feed them all, and it was the most attended baptism in many years here. It is awesome what some planning can do for you. The Spirit was super strong, and her family who were trying to convince her not to join, are interested in learning more. Another one for the Mormon's!  Thank you for the Pizza too, it was such a relief to come home and await a good meal :)
Sunday was great as well. Nieta was confirmed in Sacrament, gave us a little scare by being late. But she made it! We also had 4 other investigators come, and we filled the chapel and the over flow completely. Things are turning here! And I am glad to be a part of it. We went home, changed, and headed out to find more people. It wasn't supposed to rain, but that was a lie! It totally dumped, like in Pittsburgh in the Rugby National Championship. We almost found ourselves in the thick of it, but we sprinted to the closest home, and Troy let us right in! I love good Christian People. I admire the South! He wasn't too interested, but he loved talking about Jesus Christ at least. Once it cleared up, we made our way, quickly to the Roylance's home. Sweet name, right? They had us over for dinner, and they are amazing! I wish everyone was more able to help. Going to Med School with a family is probably enough to juggle on its own.
Today, I think we will be headed to Piedmont park to play some kickball with the Zone. Still looking for that Lazy Pday soon! It should be fun though!
And that is about all I have for y'all! Keep being amazing though! I am so super spoiled, too blessed I feel at times. I wish everyone the most amazing week ever, and that success will abound. Good luck with finals, to those that are taking them. Be safe, be strong, be of a good courage! Fight the good fight! Have another blessed up week! Let me know what I can do for y'all! I am more than eager to help, in what ways I can! Love you all so much!!
Elder Dallan Barnes

We overcome, so we can become.

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