Monday, April 7, 2014

   Dallan  with his new companion Elder Skousen  from Michigan. He is waiting for his visa to get into Brazil

            Look what we found................FIRE!!!!!

April 7, 2014

What a feast!!
That my friends, was a General Conference! I don't know if it am just enjoying it so much because I am serving a mission or that it really was outstanding! I like to think it is one, then the other. I hope y'all were able to get heaps out of it and that the answers to your questions were found through the voice of the Apostles! What was your favorite talk, what was your favorite quote? What a week! I'm once again glad to see a full inbox, and am grateful for all that y'all do! Too blessed!
How was everyone's April Fools? Mine wasn't very great. I spent all night and morning preparing for my first District Meeting, It felt like doing a school project. Just got to get it done, despite how little sleep I got. It rounded out to be three hours, but it went really well! And the Lord provided, kept me awake and strong! I am so spoiled to have an amazing district full of top notch missionaries! It makes everything so much easier, and a lot more fun as well! We met some real Crazies, some Hippie/Nomad and then his buddy a Hobo came and started talking about Jesus Christ. This name tag attracts them somehow... Opposites maybe? We tried to also find a man named Ratbo Lebow.! Our search wasn't super fruitful.
Wednesday we manage to find a few more crazies. One guy asked our thoughts on the Roman Catholic Church. He said he is against them, solely because of the phrase "Roman Cat". Apparently that means something. We also spent a good chunk of the day being the leaf raking unit for the Ward. It was a lot, but thankfully the weather is turning a little! It got into the 80's, which is a little toasty. Kind of not looking forward to summer. I could only imagine how swampy it will be on the buses. We went to go speak with  one investigator Al, and all of the young kids come and hang out with us. We caught a lizard, random I know.
Thursday we spent the day in the House of the Lord, which was so what I was needing. Such peace and comfort that can only be found there! I've had a lot on my mind lately, and a bit weighed down. I manage to find some scriptures about Enoch, Moses, and Joshua and how their first response to the Lord was, "Why me?" I'll be honest, I have asked that question the previous week. But in all the cases, the Lord answered," Go; I will be with thee". It was good to see a lot of my previous companions too, I have had such a blessing of having great ones surround me, to bear me up, and help me grow! We got to meet with Nieta again, and she is officially moved to Decatur, temporarily with her Mom. It'll make teaching her a little easier too! She has such great questions for us and at times teaches herself. No doubt will she be baptized! It is just a matter of getting new employment now.
Friday we compensated for Thursday and did our weekly planning. General Conference Eve!! Which seems to always take forever, but it is worth it. We were able to get out and Teach a lady named Consweyla, who came as a referral. She is in her 40's, has 8 kids, 5 at home, in a wheel chair, goes to dialysis 3 times a week, and is hitting a rough patch. She was all ears when we taught her, and she wants to find God more in her life, and also know the Bible more. We can do that, with a Book of Mormon too! We felt inspired to talk about the "Other Sheep" in John and 3rd Nephi, turns out that is right where she was studying that morning! In a way, all of us here in America are still the Other Sheep, and it truly is a privilege to help those here in Decatur realize that! I also got a package from Steve! It is so great to hear from him! Made my day! I'm also hoping to get some super large fore arms, compliments of him! I really do have the greatest friends ever! The Lord is so mindful of us and our situations, each individually.
Saturday came so soon, and it went even faster. So many good talks! Elder Holland rocked the world right of the get go, and it got better from there! It amazes me how fast two hours can go if you are engaged in with the Spirit. There was so much to be learned! We were able to go to dinner before Priesthood Session to Golden Corral. It hit the spot, but it was kind of regretted afterwards. Needless to say, I still need a soft serve ice cream machine in my home when I get one!
Sunday was a similar situation, Spirit overload!! A member of the other ward was able to put together sandwiches for us during lunch time! We totally spaced lunch, but I always roll around with snackage! It was sad to see conference adjourn, and my second one is down. Only have two more to go. We also had dinner at the Cairns home, and they are the best. They'll be feeding us on Thursday as well. Funny story, but they are legit!
That is wrap my people! Please have another amazing week! Keep up the good fight! Y'all are the best! I love you all so very much! Please let me know what I can do to better serve y'all! Have a blessed up one!
Elder Dallan Barnes

Love is the very Essence of the Gospel

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