Monday, April 21, 2014

       Missionary Retail Therapy......the underground Mall

 Easter package from the Phillip's them!!!

      The Easter Bunny brought new Ties.....very sharp!

April 21

Happy Easter!!

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter, and was filled with Eggs, Chocolate, and Love! I heard someone shot the Easter Bunny though... Is that true? We also had a krazy come up to us and explain that Easter wasn't about Jesus Christ. He said there is some the word Easter is Aramic, and it translates back to some ancient pagan God that symbolized Fertility, hence the bunnies and eggs. Sort of compelling, but I did what all missionaries would do in that situation. Asked him to be baptized! He was a little out there for sure. But, we know for certain what the day represents and I hope everyone had a chance to reflect and ponder on what He has done personally for you!
As pertaining to my week, it flew by. I would say like a dream, but I am not having those either. But it was good, we got our weekly fix of krazies, and fairly promising people as well too. We went to downtown last Monday, checked out Underground Atlanta and Centennial Olympic Park! It has a splash pad in the shape of the olympic rings, and the goal was to make it to the other side without getting shot. I failed, miserably, Didn't make it to the second ring! Luckily I was in my rain jacket and had black pants on, but my pride was a little injured. Underground was the most interesting mall I have been in. Didn't buy anything, but I was expecting it to be so much more hood! Oh well, such is life!
Tuesday we had the opportunity to get the Sacrament to a member who is having Chemo therapy and a Bone Marrow Transplant. It was a really touching experience, because she mentioned how much her spirits had been lifted by just visiting with us. She is from Montgomery, Alabama, and will be there for a month. Her hospital room was chalked full of LDS Literature! Hopefully she has spoken to some people about the Gospel. It also dropped into the 30's. Frigid!
Wednesday we had the opportunity to visit with Nieta again, this time at her work. We walked through several of the Commandments, and she is ready to rock! We also had dinner at the Senior couple's home. They are amazing too! They could get along so well with Grandma and Grandpa C! They are like spitting image of them. It always feels like home when we get to be with them!
Thursday was A okay! We didn't get out too much, because of studies and planning. But we were able to go see Al our investigator. He will be getting a job soon! His interview is today, so he will finally have the money to make it to church. He keeps telling us he is ready to be baptized! Which he is! The desire is there, and he reads the Holy Bible and Book of Mormon every day and night, praying as well.
Friday we traveled down to Fayetteville for a New Missionary Training. It was good to spend some time with the Leaders as usual. There were only 9 sets of missionaries, and I knew a good handful of them. I still feel inadequate at times, and that the weight of the area is all on me. It is all part of the learning experience I suppose. We Traveled home, and were hoping to meet with Nieta again, but she had to cancel. So we ended up moving some things for the Yancey Family, and giving the Sisters a blessing. They had been feeling ill. I do love exercising the Priesthood! The best part of the day, was that the Phillip's came to town! It had been way way to long! I miss them! I really can't say enough about them either! This ward needs more people like them! It has certainly been the happiest I have been since getting here! I was seriously so Giddy! We tried this place called Farm Burger. I had this Pork Burger with Goat Cheese and some other things. It was a pretty legit burger! Then, they mentioned that there was a Krispy Kreme right down the road, and we scooted on down there. We got to see them make all the doughnuts, and it was a travesty to see how many they toss. It hit the spot! I just love them so much! They said they are going to come see y'all this summer, so keep and eye out! They also sent an Easter Package! So thoughtful of them!
Saturday was a miracle day. We were just finding investigator after investigator. I wish all days would run like that! We found 5 that day, and all accepted to be baptized. I love the South, and I love that they love the Savior! You can talk about God with anyone, and I sincerely hope that is something I take with me when I leave. People were even talking to us, and it was raining the whole time. Lastly, we met with Nieta at Chick Fil A, and we wrapped up the rest of the commandments. She is so ready, she even texted us that she knows something great is right around the corner! Her Spirit can sense it! She had some surprises for us when we sat down. M&M's, she told us she was a man (she was just joking thankfully.), that she had made it to 2nd Nephi 7, and that she would say the opening and closing prayer, and lastly she Told us her and our prayers had been answered, and she has Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off! She's amazing! She is praying about who she would like to baptize and confirm her, we are pumped for her!
Sunday was the typical great day. Sacrament meeting went well, and we actually didn't have any meetings before hand, so we got to sleep in to 6:30AM. Usually we are up at 5:30 on Sundays. We also got to study as well! What a spirit packed day. A couple of Member signed up to have us over, but we had already made arrangements to be at the Allen's home. It was really sweet to see that they were thinking of us though! We did a lot of tracting as well to pray and bless many people. In addition to that, we also went and had a baptismal interview (my first) for a kid the Sisters have been teaching. Kevin is 9 years old and he was pretty spot on with his answers. They didn't teach him the Law of Chastity, and they didn't tell me that. So I gave him a very very watered down collision course on it. Treat women with respect and don't touch other's private parts. Dinner with the Allen's was the best, and I am glad we got to spend Easter in Good Company! Felt like home again. They're the best, I certainly do love them too.
That is about all I have for you all! We have to make it to Stone Mountain, Climb it, and then hide eggs as we come down, then climb it again! Hopefully not too many people will be there stealing our eggs! And we better find them all or else I could be charged with littering on a  National Monument ;) Living on the edge! Thank you all for everything you do for me! Let me know what I can do to better help you all! Have a blessed up week! Fight the good Fight! Love you all!
Elder Dallan Barnes

People in the South Love Jesus, they love him so much that they don't quite know what to do with him! Thankfully we do :)

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