Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14th
Dearest Familia!
Another week in the book of life down! Thanks for the email! This week has been pretty great! I think that the weather change also brings the crazies out, cause we have spoken to a few of them. It is possible to say that everyone could use someone to talk to! Glad I get to talk to y'all every Monday! So let me jump into the week-holio!
Monday turned out to be an alright day, we hit Cici's because we love getting our money's worth! We made sure it wasn't a competition though, to eat until we are filled. We wandered a little around Atlanta/Decatur but nothing to great came of it. I think for today we are going to check out Underground Atlanta, the Olympic Park, and a few other places in downtown, should be neato!
Tuesday we met as a Zone, which we are small in number but strong in spirit. We are the smallest Zone in the Atlanta Mission, only have 12 companionships. Everything that was taught about was from the mission council we had the week before at the temple, so it was all about the Family! Hope you caught me attempting to wink Mom, I was trying so hard, and often! We had a sweet moment to compliment our companions and to also bear testimony at the end, it was quite uplifting! I guess a lot of people got a bit trunky from it, but if anything, I felt more motivated to go out and not let you all down! We met a "rapper" and a "gangbanger". That is how they described themselves, and they let us know of a few of their past decisions. We sat down with Nieta as well to address some anti-mormon literature that someone had given her. She saw right through the lies!
Wednesday we had the opportunity to go help Brother Yancey clean up his cemetery for a few hours. It was quite a bit of fun and they told us that there have been two murders commited there and the bodies have not been found. So we went detective mode! Me and Elder Skouson were actually able to find a few unmarked/lost headstones. Maybe when we go back we can crack the case! We also had to teach Gospel Study on the Restoration. It went really well from what we felt. Nieta made it though so that is what made it totally worth it! I also spent some serious time talking to Elder Meservey at night! He had some referrals for us, but we totally got sidetracked and shot the breeze! We are both in a similar boat, and that was comforting to hear! I miss the kid!
Thursday, that day is dominated by weekly planning. With our additional hour of study, and Elder Skouson studying Portuguese for an hour, and lunch after that, we don't get to planning until 1 and get done until 4:30. It is great to discuss the needs of some of our investigators. We had to get to the Cairn's home for dinner, so we went up there, tracted some and then we had a good meal! We helped move some dressers of there is where I ripped my pants, then went to help a less active lady move a tv of hers. It was a full day of service, but it was so touching to see a home teacher fulfilling his calling, especially when they were leaving for Florida at 5 AM the next day. We didn't get home until 10:00, aka another long night with minimal sleep.
Friday we were able to go and visit the Coppock family and teach about the plan of salvation. It is neat to see these member have their fire rekindled. It was probably the most efficient Plan of Salvation Lesson I have taught, quick and powerful! We traveled down into 5 Points Station, the heart of Atlanta, and we actually saw some pimps!!! Cane, Hat, colorful suits, the works! I was a little uneasy being the only white people there, and also in white shirts. They are still friendly though! And they need what we have! We don't need what they have unfortunately! Nieta actually called us to make sure she was still good to be baptized on the 26th! Absolutely she is! We have a few things left to teach her, but she is absolutely amazing! She even brought her five year old daughter to Church and she wants to attend next Sunday! We continue to pray for her and fast as well, she is struggling to get work off consistently on Sunday. We are hoping the Lord will either open a new door for her or to soften the hearts of her managers.
Saturday we were all over the place, talking to some interesting people along the way, as usual! One lady was convinced that she saw the moon transform into Jesus Christ. So that is who the man on the moon is... We were able to meet with Nieta at her work, and she even took her lunch break to listen to us! Who does that... We also invited her to dinner with the Mcnett family. They signed up to have us over, and we figured why not bring a friend!
Sunday was the most astounding sacrament meeting. Rebuking from the organist! She was offended because people don't listen to her prelude music We had a couple of other interesting testimonies come up, and we needed to salvage the meeting! Elder Skouson went up and gave a sincere testimony, which was awesome! We had dinner at the Mcnetts and an amazing lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of Wisdom. She is so in tune with the spirit! We contacted a referrals grandson and he told us that he was looking to be baptized again, knowing now what he is doing! He pretty much invited himself, so we will be seeing him soon!
And that is about all I got, Glad to see y'all have had a fairly legit week! What is everyone's Easter Plans? I won't be there to win the Golden Egg (like usual)!

Well it is that time again, to sign off and check back in next Monday! Thanks again for the letters and emails! Y'all truly are the best! And you mean the world to me! Please keep it up, cause you are doing stuff right! I hope everyone has an exceptional week, filled with thought of the Savior and His triumph on Easter Sunday! I look forward to hearing from everyone soon! Stay safe, fight the good fight! Have a blessed up week! Let me know what I can do for y'all! Love you all so much!
Elder Dallan Barnes

Have the Attitude of Gratitude!

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