Monday, August 3, 2015

Aug 3,
Hey Y’all!
Someday’s you are the bug, other days you are the windshield. This week, we were both! However, whether flying free or splattered on tempered glass, there is not a better place to be! Miracles have been abounding, even day by day! Let me allow you to be the bug on our wall, not windshield (I wouldn’t wish that on anyone), for this past week!
One miracle from this past week stems from our amazing Bishop. We saw him Wednesday at the church and informed us that we have a unique service opportunity. Namely, moving someone into the ward! It was just us three and our Bishop moving this lady and her family. She is a recent convert of nine months from Colorado. None of her family is members, yet! She has a husband, and five children! They came to church too! The ward welcomed them with open arms. It is amazing what a little service and a lot of love can do to people’s hearts. We will be moving forward with the teaching and hopefully this family is a slam dunk! We saw them in white!
 We got to see our investigator Chanelle a couple times this week! We found out that her son’s fever stem from a liver problem. We taught her about priesthood blessings and asked her if she would like us to give her son Carter one. She accepted and we performed a blessing. We came by the next day, he was healed, no fever, jumping around playing with the neighbor kids. She explained to us that every time we come by, even from the first time, what we have shared has been just what she needed that day! She is on date to be baptized later this month! The Priesthood has been restored, to give blessings, and the Gift of the Holy Ghost! 
Chanelle’s neighbor, Kiesha, we are also teaching. We dropped by before a baptism on Saturday and invited them over. They came to the baptism. Kiesha brought all three of her kids, her friend and her friend’s kids. They were so moved by the ordinance. KaiKai, her oldest son asked me if I could baptize him next. The faith of children is appalling! We really need to be childlike! He also asked me if Jesus was our Uncle. Sort of… but not really! We got some work to do! 
There is this family we have knocked on their door thirty times since I have been here. But for the first time they answered. They are an awesome family! The Juarez! The mom loves the church and was a week out from getting baptized. Also her teenage son was in the same boat. Things got cancelled, work got busy, and here we are now. They lived up in Cartersville which was a fun connection we had. They committed to come to church and begin working back towards baptism. It is amazing to be in the right place at the right time! They weren’t in our plans but we felt inspired to go there yesterday night. Simply amazing!
The Temple was amazing this week! That is for sure where Heaven meets Earth!
That is about all I have for y’all today! This next week is fixing to be a good one! Hope y’alls is as well! Love you all so very much! Keep fighting the good fight of faith, keep the course, endure well, and have a blessed up week!

Elder Dallan Barnes 

“You know you got a true friend when you can throw poop at him & he doesn’t kill you. A wise monkey told me that once.” Elder Hanson

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