Monday, August 3, 2015

July 27th
Why oh Why July??
August is pretty much sniffing the behind of July, where in the world is time going? Which one of you is sitting on the remote control of life? Get off the fast forward button! It sufficeth me to say that this week was one of the most unorthodox, out of the norm, unusual weeks. I hope y’alls was fine and dandy! Let me give the play by play!  
Conyers is keeping us on our toes. This week’s development, happening on Wednesday, was losing a companion and gaining another. We lost Elder Lamb to Covington, he got a companion! So we no longer need to cover the Covington Ward. Our new companion’s name is Elder Hocker. He served in Kennesaw Mountain right after I left that area. He has been out six months and is from Virginia. The Lord made a change order, and when He orders, we deliver. He will be with us for the rest of the transfer, at least, that’s what we think. Stay tuned! I have learned so much from him though! God is good! It was crazy because we ended up having to wait a day for Elder Lamb to get his companion, so we were in a Quadpanionship! It is about as rare as a four leaf clover. You best believe we owned every street and door. Not really, we divided and conquered! Crazy times!
We had mission council down in Fayetteville on Friday. We had an awesome meeting! It is always good to see familiar faces and those I love! On our way back, however, we had dinner with a member. After the meal, we discovered that someone hit our car. Not a note or word was left. Hit and Run… a good policy in baseball, but not driving. We filed a report and everything. The car works great but the back corner is pretty mangled. Maybe I will lose some weight via bike. We’ll see!
We got in contact with an investigator of ours we hadn’t seen in many weeks, Allen. He explained to us that he almost didn’t come to the door because he hadn’t read the chapter we left him. He explained so much of the hard life he has been on, losing his parents and grandparents before the age of 15. He wants to change! We read Alma 32 and you could see the light growing and glowing in his eyes. He told Elder Hocker he sounded like Morgan Freeman. He committed us to go on a trip to Florida, all expenses paid, with him.
We had our Pioneer Day Party here in Conyers. Apparently the pioneers stopped in Conyers Georgia, of all the places… It was amazing really! We invited and invited all week long. We ended up having 10 non members there! The Ward took them right under their wings too! There was a pie eating contest, watermelon eating contest, a slip and slide, sack races, frog races, and baseball—all the essential pioneer activities! It was a lot of fun to say the least! It is amazing what the Pioneer’s did for us! They acted out of so much faith!
That’s all for today folks! Please keep being amazing! Fight the good fight! Have a blessed up week! Travel Safe! Smile! Love all y’all so much! I will hear from y’all soon!
Elder Dallan Barnes 

“If you a brotha, always be dat. Stay Brothers in Christ!” Allen

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