Monday, November 11, 2013


                                                       Fall Leaves In Atlanta Georgia

Happy fall all y'all (Yes, I just went there)
First off! Happy Veteran's day. AND Happy Anniversary to the bestest parents ever! 24 years wow. Y'all are getting old... That is an incredible thing. Thank you so much for harboring such an amazing environment for us to thrive! I am so glad to be part of this family! Like I sometimes say, we put the fun in disfunctional ;) Hope you have an amazing day!
I have a dream, in fact I have had many dreams. Most probably aren't too important though. I have been dreaming of home a little bit this week actually, maybe that is because this is my favorite month. This month is graced with Thanksgiving, Veteran's day, My Birthday, and the late great Black Friday (which is slowly becoming black Thursday too...). It is just a time to think and thank. I am so thankful for the letter this week! I love hearing from y'all weekly. I am so super blessed to have an incredible family! I mean it when I say it! This would be so much more difficult without such stalwart support group behind me!
So quickly, my week, get yo popcorn ready!
As for Tuesday, the biggest thing that we did was meet with Steve and Amy our investigators. The ones we have sword battles with! They are reading the Book of Mormon pretty rigorously! They have a few questions here and there about the Restoration and what not, but that all can be solved if they pray about that blue book! I think Amy is much more open to it, because we found out she isn't too comfortable at the churches they attend. They are super fun to be with though. They call our meetings "hang outs". Tomatoe tomato.. We also gave Allen a church tour which was awesome! First one I have ever been a part of. He was impressed with how big it was and the spirit that is in it. We will hopefully be getting him to church this Sunday! 
Wednesday we actually had our cleaning check. First time that we have had that since I have been here. We passed with flying colors. Thanks Mom for helping me to know how to clean up! Saturday chores did work on me to some extent! At least, when I did do them. You probably won't believe this, but my stuff is organized and clean. And it stays that way! We helped the Miller's move some stuff at their house. Their home is going to be done here soon enough! They bring us over baked goodies all the time. We also had dinner at the Phillip's house. And they are just the funniest people, a super sweet family. Somehow everywhere we go, my hair becomes the topic of discussion. I will take what I can get! For the closing prayer, they asked the youngest, Lindsey to call on someone. Then Sister Phillips told her that she couldn't pick the Elders (so she wouldn't pick me. Sister Phillips says she has a crush on me, it is funny, but don't worry she is in elementary school.
Thursday, we met with our Recent Convert, John again. We just read a chapter of the Book of Mormon with him and answered his questions about the Gathering of Israel. That is a topic I really want to look more into. I don't know nearly as much as I should. We also had dinner at Bishop Shell's home. He is such a goof! I love their family too. He played Satan in the play they did for the Youth Standards night this week. Yes, our Bishop is Satan. Can't say that very often!
Friday, the overwhelming majority of the day was spent at the Temple. It had been too long since we got to go. I just love the peace that can be found there. It is such a blessing to have the temple so close by and to also attend it. I want to start doing Family History work so I can do ordinances for my ancestors! We also had Zone Conference, which was good. They were just stressing obedience and the need to get out and talk with everyone. We need to Expect miracles to happen. It is all my choice on how things work out. I am not a product of my situation, but a product of my decisions. We got to visit with Bob again, after being caught in Atlanta Traffic coming from the Temple. I thought I-15 traffic was bad... Bob is doing good though. His biggest hang up is how his family will react. He has been kind of secretive about our meetings. The Lord will provide a way I am sure! 
Saturday, we got to go out with the most Southern Member in the ward. Brother Moore. It was so sweet to hear him rattle of that southern accent. I want that so so bad! I have been disappointed with the lack of that here. I need to go to the nether regions of the mission to get that! Fingers crossed! Or I could settle for a black accent. Here we come ATL! Hotlanta! We worked on the recent move in list to see if these people are interested in coming back to church. Brother Moore even gave us some of his smoked rabbit and smoked deer. It was pretty darn good! Add that to the list of my Southern Experiences!
Sunday is always super fun to get the whole ward together. There is just a certain element of family that is present in this ward. It wasn't the most productive Sunday in terms of working with non members, but it is always awesome to strengthen the members here. I just hope I am making a difference! The Cheney's had us over for dinner with the Sisters. Breakfast for Dinner. She called to invite us and I said, Breakfast is always good, it is hard to mess up. Supposedly everything that could have gone wrong did. But it tasted great! A testament to the validity of that Statement! Sister Buttle lives with them and she mentioned how I looked more like a dork before I dressed up on Halloween than when I was dressed up. She is a sweet heart. She even gave me a hug. There are just some rock solid people out here, let me tell you what. 
Not most effective of weeks, but the work continues onward. I am learning so much, and my love for the scriptures is growing daily! There is some good stuff in there! Not to mention, I have them marked up now! Thanks for the stickers. I hope you all have an awesome week ahead of you! Remember to always look up, because the body naturally follows where the eyes go. Once again, I am so super grateful to hear from y'all. It makes me so happy to know that all is well on the home front! Let  me know if there is anything I can do out here in the South! A member said the other day to me "Put some South in your mouth!" I don't know if he was talking about an accent or food. Or both? I like the sounds of it! I got to jet! Have one super blessed up week! Love y'all!
Stay Classy,
Elder Dallan Barnes
When I let go of who I am, I become what God wants me to be. 

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