Thursday, November 7, 2013

                         Happy Halloween from the great state of Georgia!!!

                          On top of Mount Kennesaw......Beautiful!!!

Happy Daylights Savings!!
Yes, that is most certainly a Holiday to me, especially being on the mission. It was more so a Holiday than Halloween haha. It is weird that it gets dark at 6:00 now. Which means we have 3 hours of work in the dark on bikes... Don't even trip chocolate chip! We will get it sorted out so we are with a member each evening! I don't feel comfortable with being out in the dark on these roads. Heck, I am barely comfortable in the daylight. But anyways, let us cut into the nitty gritty. I am super blessed to find another email from y'all in my inbox. I am so spoiled! My family is the greatest! Hope you all had a solid Halloween! You pull of the Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone too well. Kind of creepy. I'm not even mad, I'm impressed, that's amazing! 
Monday, A sweet angel of a lady offered to buy all of our groceries! I held onto the receipt for sentimental value! It was so sweet of her. We had already paid for them, but she took us to return them and she'd pay for all of them. The South is a beautiful place! We also got to check out a ward Members coin collection. I held this gold dollar the size of a dime that was worth $1500. It was from the 1800's. We also did pumpkin carving and I will attach some photos! The Glow sticks didn't work too well unfortunately. And we didn't get a chance to put candles in them. But it was fun regardless! We had an appointment with our investigator named Krista. She made us her Key Lime Pie! It was oh so good! She is I think 23 and so ready to be baptized. We are just waiting on her to figure out her living situation. But she is awesome!
Tuesday was our big ward Trunk or Treat. Which was awesome! I totally forgot my camera in my other bag... But we dressed up as nerdy missionaries (yeah, it was as much of a stretch as possible). Like super parted hair, glasses with tape, hiked up slacks, orange and black ties. I so wish we got a photo. They had a Pie and Chili cook off and we were the judges for the Chili. We have some mean cooks here obviously. Like award winning status. We had our investigators Steve and Amy there and they had a good time! Heck, I even got to assist with making Sister Miller's Chili! My hand still smells like onions... dat ain't right bro! Also, Sister Buttle, the old lady that joshed me about my hair had a total laughing fit when I showed her my hair at the Trunk or Treat! It lasted 3 minutes... This ward, they are something else!
Wednesday... We went out to eat with some investigators to a place called Heirloom Market BBQ. It is just this hole in the wall restaurant with some dang good BBQ! I got this smoked turkey, and wow. We ended up eating it at their Church. I felt uneasy going into a Baptist Church, but there were some awesome people inside. 
Thursdays just always seem to be the slowest. We did have Halloween, but usually for missionaries, they want us in by 6:00 or so. Nope, not this mission anymore. They wanted us out working. Trick or Treat? Trick, read this fools! (Hands Book of Mormon). We did have a set up appointment with our Recent Convert John and his wife. We had a hot dog bar and some scripture trivia against the Sisters. We dominated. 35 to 19. It was weird the whole day since I only saw maybe two people trick or treating. And it sounds like it wasn't too fruitful back in Alpine. What's that about... Times are changing or something. 
Friday... Everything that was set up, fell through. We had a dinner appointment and team up, fell through. We scheduled another one for dinner and a team up, fell through. And our one appointment with Bob dropped as well because he was out with family. It was rainy so we were also restricted to our apartment too. I went a mad cleaning stint. My comp still hasn't unpacked. I thought I was a bit of a slob, but I do alright. I guess everything is relative, as even the late Einstein would say. We found out we are having a cleaning check this week, so our ship needs to be in top shape! 
Saturday was an awesome day! We helped a new family move into the ward and the Phillip's family took us to iHop. They are so awesome. Just super down to earth, funny, a lot like my family! We got to go see Steve and Amy again, and they insisted on feeding us. They fed us some shrimp, fries, and a casserole with broccoli and cheese! It was so super nice of them, and they have the funnest kids. Kyle is 5 and Archer is 2. Why is it kids gravitate to me? Amy always thanks me for being so nice to Kyle. He is a little bit slower than the other kids. We talked about the Book Of Mormon and she has read almost halfway through Mosiah. She says that always bothered her how revelation would somehow cease after Christ died, granted that God doesn't change. Hook, line, and sinker (in the words of her Husband Steve). Awesome people! We got to visit with Allen and Janet as well! Got Allen on date again, for the 30th of this month. He is so mesmerized that the Book of Mormon talks about the same things as the Bible, despite being on separate continents. We will be taking him on a church tour this week. He has offered to feed us and to drop by any time! We get the man hugs along with the handshake! 
Sunday was superb. Day lights savings! I have been having some weird dreams lately, which makes things interesting. It was fast Sunday of course. My companion was eager to get up there. So I went up too. I only had a few minutes because time was running short, but I got up there and probably cracked more jokes than bore a testimony. I really just wanted to thank them for everything. My companion has a feeling that I will be transferred this upcoming one. He has just two transfers left and thinks they want him to train. I am finishing my training. I pray I am still here! It would be the best ever! We had dinner at the Sugden's home and they have the cutest kids! I just can't get over this ward! They are so amazing. We went out and saw a less active and helped him to build more faith, because he is lacking it. He has some interesting ideas, but is over thinking it. He has 8 kids though. Because of DLS time, the darkness crept up on us. It got dark at 6, and we didn't have a team up. So we wandered the neighborhood. This place is giant! We didn't really see anyone, but it was a fun walk!
That was my week! I am glad y'alls isn't too out of the ordinary! Keep doing the do! I also have been fighting this cold/sore throat. But it won't stop me! Just Know I am praying for y'all. Remember to think to thank! I love this time of the year! Let me know what I can do to change! Sorry about the questions things. I am just so short on time. We spend 15 minutes writing our Mission President. I can field questions! Thanks for all the updates on the football. If it isn't UGA or Falcons, most people don't know. Keep me in the Loop. And the chiefs... undefeated.... say what???! I best be running, but please have one super blessed up week!
Elder Dallan Barnes
Wisdom is knowing the right path to take. Integrity is taking it.

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