Monday, December 16, 2013

Dearly Beloved Family,
First things first. I had the grandest epiphany this past week. I was fixing myself a bowl of cereal and a glass of chocolate milk. Then it hit me! You add the cereal first THEN the milk. So, one must add the chocolate syrup first before the milk. I knew it all along that I was doing it the right way. If you say otherwise ye are hypocrites ;) When I get home, y'all better be mixing the milk the right way, okay? How this relates to the Gospel... Well, I leave that one up to all of you. But namely, there is just one way to return back to Heavenly Father, so there must needs be just one way to make Chocolate milk. My week has been good and wow oh wow, am I jealous of the Ginger Bread houses. And that sweater! Is it comfortable at all? Did you steal if from a Hobo Jace? Does it smell like old people?? When is the Candy Cook off this year? Someone best be making that chex mix! It wouldn't be the same without it! Let me tackle my week quickly! It was blessed up for sure!
Wrapping up on Monday, we hit my First Goodwill. Disappointed to say the least. We found it by complete inspiration, so we figured there was something in there specifically for us. Maybe we didn't look too hard. We also hit a Ross and TJ. I felt a little torn inside not buying a single thing. We ate at Stevie B's for Lunch again and I put down 15 pieces of Pizza. Dad if you ever come out here, we are going to settle this, Mister 2 pieces of French Toast. I think the Heinhold's sent you the video of us singing Silent night! Hope you liked it, we spent FHE there.
Tuesday we had exchanges again with out Zone Leaders. Elder Schenck came with me and Thurgood. It was really a productive day. We met some really interesting people. Some guy came out to meet us in a robe and all he had was socks on. He confessed he was just on the throne. And you better believe his hands were wet.. Yum! I am also learning the skill of prayer talking. I can't wait to share my talent with you all. The greatest things that happened were one we had a baptismal interview with Kai. She is so ready, and she was indeed baptized. We also got to push this elderly man out of a mud hole. Then taught him the Gospel. He was super interested.
Wednesday was another miracle day. We actually had our lunch paid for at a little hole in the wall BBQ place calle Johnny's. They sell guns too, so you know it is good. We don't know if it was a member or a non member. Either way, there are amazing people out here for sure. We met with a guy who really tried to shake our faith. He wasn't too educated, and was convinced slavery was a conspiracy and that Negro People actually inhabited America before. He also kept telling us to Overstand, not understand things. All he wants is a sign. I am convinced he wouldn't believe it if he found it. We also met with Steve and Amy again. They are such a riot. They ordered Pizza for us even. Amy actually threw a baby shower for a member of the church out here. Oh, and I got the "snow package" A little disappointed there wasn't real snow, but I'll take what I can get! Thanks Mom! We finally set up the tree and everything!
Thursday... Hmm, I can't recall too much going on to be honest. Let me tell you though, it got a little frigid. Namely, it was 36 Degrees. And I made the mistake of leaving my coat. Good thing I don't mind the cold so much. We had one more visit with Kai to check in before the Baptism. Rock solid still!
Friday, we had Zone Conferences. It was all about Christmas and giving gifts, namely us giving the gift of the Gospel. What is the greatest gift y'all have received? The conference was a spiritually packed day! I also got to sit down with President for the first time... 4 months into the mission. It was good, maybe I was expecting more but oh well. He is pretty inspired. I also wish he would have told me what would be happening here in the ward. I hope I am staying another transfer. We met with a Nigerian Family, the Okezies. They are super awesome too. Nigerian Hospitality is top notch. They want to feed us this Friday now. Another set of good Christian people.
Saturday, was the Baptism, but first we went a finding. We knocked many doors, and had a priest out with us. It was good. All of our plans fell through so we just hit the streets. We were guided to many people, probably because the Lord wants these Priest aged young men to have a good taste of missionary work. The best miracle was we saw this Uhaul truck ( I dub the operation, U haul, I haul, We all haul) and dropped in to see if they needed help. Their first response was "If you aren't here to help, you turn right around." Thankfully, we were and they were in luck. We moved several couches and they had said just a few mintues before, they had started struggling moving things. There was 4 women there. They were convinced God sent us. Well yes, yes indeed! Kai was baptized and it was amazing! She is so prepared! It is awesome to hear her share her testimony with us. Baptism is a beautiful thing!
Sunday was great, I always look forward to Sundays. It is funny how just about everything changes on the mission. Scripture Study, Sundays, etc. Kai actually asked if I could confirm her and give her the Holy Ghost. I was a little shocked she asked me of all of us and her LDS friends, but I was so touched. Not going to lie, I was a little nervous. And to make things a little more odd, she was late to Sacrament. She made it though! I was shaking while giving her the blessing. It is so amazing to be able to help others and to give her one of the greatest gifts God has trusted us with! I can't wait to Baptize and Confirm someone! Hopefully soon according to my faith and obedience.

Well that is my crazy week! Glad y'alls was superb as well! Can't wait to hear from everyone soon and thank you so much for keeping me in prayers and writing me! It is so awesome to see a full inbox of emails! Let me know if there is anything I can do for anyone of you! Keep being the amazing family I know all y'all to be! Have another blessed up week and we will hear from you soon!
Elder Dallan Barnes
Coincidences are God's way of performing Miracles anonymously.

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