Monday, December 23, 2013

     UPS Santa made a delivery.....looks exactly like the printer back home???

Dec 23
Oh come let us adore him!
By him, I mean me. I guess I am a bit of a big deal. No not really, that is a little conceited. But Christ is the Reason for the Season! Thanks again for a splendid Email! And, to make matters better, I will get to see the whole family come Wednesday! So help me if y'all moved... or adopted an asian kid... Surprise! You have another sibling. Needless to say, I am excited to see everyone! Glad to hear everyone is soaking up the Christmas Break. I just happen to be out here working, no biggie. I wouldn't have it any other way! I can sleep when I am dead, or something like that.. Which is kind of a lie, considering work will happen in the Spirit World. I will catch up eventually! But let me tackle my week!
Monday was superb, I found out that Santa uses UPS for the larger packages. I guess everyone is cutting back now, or maybe the reindeer are getting older.  I am super spoiled though! I love it! I haven't opened any present, with the exception of the 12 Day Presents. We also love the Christmas Apparel you have sent! That night we were able to go Christmas Caroling with a family in the ward. The Cheney's. It was a lot of fun, something that we didn't quite do back in Utah. But hey, that's alright!
Tuesday was alright. Not too much happening. We met with several people, and some of them have turned out to be promising. However, most people don't want to visit until after the holidays. I will be honest, I'd say the same thing. Family and traditions would be more important. But, we lay in wait, to strike when the opportunity presents itself to dunk them! I will say it is really cool to see when people make the connections of Apostasy and the need for a restoration. Or how people in the America's needed the Gospel too.
Wednesday seemed to be the same story, visits with some people, talking to everyone. Knocking doors, chasing down people in a car, jumping out to talk to them, you know, the usual. I can tell you one thing though, y'all need to try some real southern BBQ. I will learn how to perfect it! We had it at the West's house again, and he has one several awards in the state of Georgia. I'll have to have him teach me the ways! We were also able to visit with Allen and Janet again. It bites because we hadn't seen them in a little while. They are truly awesome people. Janet seems content with where she is at, but she is so thrilled to see Allen getting back into church. We get to see them tonight, and she will baking goodies for us!
Thursdays seem to be the longest. No one likes to visit on Thursdays. Or maybe it has been the torrential onslaught of rain lately. Either way, we make due with what we have. I am glad to say we passed our cleaning inspection again. Which leads me to ask, is my room still even intact?? Are you saying that I was the problem it got dirty? I don't know about that... Our appointments with Kai have been dropped because she was heading to Michigan for the Holidays. But she is still awesome! I hope she is taking advantage of the Holy Ghost!
Friday we got to work at the Family history Center. I was able to figure my music situation out. The library computers don't let you run anything from a hard drive. But all is well for now! We did some more tracting and met a Family that is from El Salvador! They seem pretty promising, but we will likely have to pass them on to the Spanish Elders. That'd be an adventure! Some day I will learn spanish I think. More things to add to my list of things to accomplish. We also had dinner with a part member Nigerian family.  But, my companions didn't pull their weight. They had an abundance of food for us all. They even asked my companions why they don't eat very much. But we were able to talk about Christ after dinner, and I still am just excited to know that there are good people everywhere!

Saturday was rainy again. And we had several appointments. And we had our Ward Mission Leaders Son with us (he is a priest) for the day. All of the appointments fell through, of course. Nobody seemed to be home, of course. I think the best thing that happened that day was we got Martin's for breakfast. They make a mean biscuit! We met a handful of awesome people, and probably the miracle of the week was this guy sitting in his car (unbeknownst to me) as we approached his house door. Elder Thurgood pointed it out and was nervous as to what to do. Yes, missionaries revel in awkwardness, which leads me to believe the Spirit loves awkward too. But I just pressed forward and waved to him outside his car door. He was sitting in his car thinking about what he needs to do about his family. If religion is the way to go, and was contemplating giving up on the bible. Then we showed him the Book of Mormon and he was thrilled. We even invited him to be baptized! He said yes, but wouldn't set a date. It is funny the Lord's timing, we unintentionally skipped his home when we started tracting the neighborhood. But I felt inspired to go back. Mysterious are the ways of God!  I also did get some packages from Grandma B and The Adams! I am way too spoiled, really. What did I ever do to deserve all of this?
Sundays are just amazing as usual. Nothing too out of the norm happened. We were invited to teach the High Priests about Preach My Gospel. It went over alright, sometimes I wish we had more time to prepare for such things. I suppose preparation comes through studies each morning. We were also able to stuff all of the Ward Christmas Letters! The sisters here in Lost Mountain are struggling a little as well. Must be the time of the year. We had dinner at the Krogh's house! Hope you got the picture of us doing the dishes! Yes, I instigated it! And yes, I enjoyed it! I love when people allow me to serve them! We will be spending Christmas Eve with the Krogh's. They are a musically gifted family! They almost had a record label back in the day. We also swung by our Ward Mission Leader's house and they had a gift for us and some Fondue (or however you spell it, I am an American! None of this Frenchy stuff). The gift was Orange sticks! I guess people out here think they are gross. They know not what they are missing out on. Maybe it is just a Utah thing! It is good to be loved. God is good!
That was my week! I am glad y'alls was pretty dandy too! I am sad to report that there will be no Zaxby's today. But hunger will find a way! I think we maybe will just fast today in preparation for the Holiday feasting that will take place!
Well, I am ecstatic to speak to and see all of you come Wednesday! As for the time, we are shooting for around 12:00 to 12:30 our time. Would 10:00 be too early? Interfere with the post Krimma Nap? I hope all is well and I love you all so much! That is one thing I am most grateful for, and incredible family. I see so many of them around here, and totally value mine! Keep being amazing! I hope you continue to have a blessed Christmas Holiday Season! Enjoy the White Elephant game at Grandma's and the Movie before it! Enjoy the Nerf War and Pajamas too! I am looking forward to opening mine! And enjoy the times! I totally miss being away from home for the Holidays, but I am so blessed to be in the Lost Mountain ward, closest thing to home! I have been in Georgia almost 4 months! Unbelievable!  I love you all so much, and I cannot say it enough! Keep fighting the good fight! Stay strong and I will see you shortly! Have Blessed up week!
Merry Christmas!
Elder Dallan Barnes
My thought, is just an epitome of the South. A guy dressed in the Burger King Costume, carrying a cross. On the Cross it said "Christ Died, so you could have it your way." Christ did die for us, but more importantly, he lives!

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