Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!!
I hope everyone has been hanging in there since we last spoke! New Years is in the fringes! What kind of resolutions are we putting out there?? Any who, yes indeed it was amazing to talk to y'all on Christmas! It was easily the best gift I received this Holiday season. Thanks for putting up with me! Missionaries are awkward for sure! And thanks for the photos! It is nice to see someone is keeping my bed broken in. The remainder of this week has been good! Let me tell you about it all!
We are going to start with Wednesday because that is when we last spoke. But After Skyping, the Miller's gave us a present too! M&M's with socks and a tooth brush! Super thoughtful of them! They are amazing! And they made sure to point out the card they received from you! It it a good looking card might I add! Expect one coming soon from them! We scampered over to the Barnes's for a dinner and they gave us matching ties. Sister Barnes is amazing! Not to mention it just felt like home. I was in the Barnes's home ;) I couldn't possibly have been any closer to home for that reason! After the Barnes's we were over at the Phillip's and snacked a bit, then played some more Apples to Apples! They were a little saddened we didn't Skype at their home, but they were super excited to have us over! They also pointed out our Christmas card! How did you get all of these addresses?? They also told me that they saw the Disney Movie Freeze or something and said one of the main characters totally reminds them of me, and they were cracking up the whole time. You are going to have to go and investigate! I also managed to drop the ball and not drop by the Carnell's. Totally spaced it, and before we knew it, Christmas was over. I honestly felt really bad about it. Why can't we just please everyone?? Thanks again for all the presents and love! It made my first Christmas away from home a very memorable one!
Thursday, back to the nitty gritty! It was a little hard getting back into, and most people weren't home to make matters even slower. Nothing too eventful happened, at least not eventful enough to report on. We met some great people, and hopefully they come around!
Friday, well, all of the appointments we did have, fell through. Seems to be a trend. But thank heavens I am flexible! We got out and knocked several more doors. We had a dinner with that Nigerian Family again, and they cook to feed an army! We failed again to eat all of it unfortunately. We will prevail eventually! We spoke a lot about fasting and they have fasted for 40 days, only eating fruit and drinking water for 3 hours in the day. Crazy! Not sure we can do that out here!
Saturday, was such a downer. It rained all day long. It was a long day of knocking doors, and once again, we met some awesome people. I have this fascination with most people, to hear their story! It is truly funny how most people open up to us, as complete strangers. It is almost like, we actually represent Christ, and they can see it! We also tried finding in a Dollar General... but we soon realized that if we want to find families, we need to go to Family Dollar! I feel really weird inside a store talking to people, or even in the parking lot for that matter! Eventually I will conquer this fear. I muscled down some squash soup again. It was tough, and my companions weren't too good about finishing it either. It is like squash apple sauce, but hot, and you add salt and pepper to it. Rough I tell you!
Sunday felt really weird, and I couldn't put my finger on it at all. We were still waiting on news of transfers, so I didn't know if I should be saying good byes or what. It was just odd. I love being with the ward, but I am starting to feel like I am just part of the ward now. Sister Buttle gave me a bookmark of hers (the lady that said I combed my hair with egg beaters) so that I can remember her! As if I wasn't already! It was really sweet of her though! Sunday was drab too, Georgia is just so ugly in the winter! It was overcast and rainy. But we still got out and invited two people to be baptized. They said yes, but didn't accept a specific date. It is going to be a white New Year, white with baptisms!
So, the big news... Transfers. I will be staying at the location I am at with Elder Wilson. Elder Thurgood will be headed to Griffin to be a District leader. They will be pulling two new Elders to stay at the Carnell's to bike. I wish I was headed back up there. I really do miss it, but maybe this is an opportunity to be kicked out of the nest! I am so super blessed to be staying in Lost Mountain another transfer! I got to baptize some of these people! Get DUNKED!!!
Well that is just about a wrap! I am excited to stay another transfer here in Lost Mountain, and am praying for miracles. Thanks for all your prayers and support! I am wishing everyone an amazing New Year! Make 2014 an good one! I will do my best out here in Georgia! I love you all so much! Have a blessed up week!
Elder Dallan Barnes
P.S. Each of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus.

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