Monday, January 6, 2014

                  Having too much fun in the car!!! Good thing one of them is paying attention!!!
            Transfer day...sad to see missionaries go...Elder Barnes and Elder Wilson will be staying.
                             New Years DANCE party.....(in the attic???)
                                            Well Happy New Year to YOU!

Well well well, look who we have here!
Thanks again for the email this week! Glad to see that all is still well, and not much has changed. And I am glad to see you all ushered in a good new year! My new year was sweet! Let me tackle my week.
First things first, after emailing, we went to Stevi B's for our last tango with the trifold, and we were aiming for record setting. I put down a mighty 25 pieces! Doesn't that make you proud Mom? Part of me thinks that some of it is still hanging with me. We really spend the rest of the evening packing, and I had to get all of my stuff down from the Carnell's. Sad day indeed. I wish I could have it all, but they are weening off the Lost Mountain Ward. But all is well, I am still super blessed to be here! Still got someone to baptize!
Tuesday was the big day of transfers, and really we just met at the church, and waited for the armed convoy to grab the departing missionaries. I came to find out that the Elders that will be taking my spot at the Carnell's, one of them I came out with. Elder Glasgow. So yes, we have competitition. But I am the missionary that has spent the longest time in Lost Mountain, one of the other Sisters got taken down to Fayetteville. I have been thinking of the weather lately, and it is such a blessing I am in a car. It has been freezing lately. We got a freeze warning for the next few days. It was snowing today too. Nothing quite like Utah, but it was snow none the less. It has been gloomy, rainy, overcast and to the bone chilly. We got to spend New Years Eve at the Woods home, and they invited over the Phillip's, the Heinholds, the Douglas's, Curby's, many people. New years was a normal day, so we got home at 9:30 and conked out. We did get an alarm for midnight though. Two's a crowd right?
Miracle of the week came on Wednesday, as we were out and about, we felt inspired to go visit an investigator. Turns out, he had been praying right before, and right as we were walking to the door, he came out to take a smoke. He has been going through some tough things. He just found out that his wife is carrying someone else's kid. Ouch town. Desperately in need of the Gospel. He wants to be baptized sooner rather than later, he told us. We actually have an appointment with him tonight! Super stoked! We also had a "Pig Pickin" for the Elders Quorum, where they roasted a whole pig. It was pretty delicious, if you could get over the fact that the Pig's head was staring at you when you were getting some meat. Morbid, but they could have drowned it in a bucket right Austin? Did you get cards from any of the Families out here?
Thursday, we spent some time arguing with a guy about God. He wouldn't let us leave. He was convinced that Marxists and Nazi's have found their way into the government, and are now running facebook, twitter, the news, etc. He served in Vietnam if that makes things any better. But, whether you believe in God or not, if everyone lived a Christian life, it would be a much better world. Also as missionaries, we are the full time moving force for families. I really don't mind it at all. It breaks up the work, and we usually get a meal too!
Friday wasn't too out of the ordinary. Breaking Necks and Cashing Checks as some would say. Tag 'em and Bag 'em. I managed to total how much I plan to read this year. 6000 pages. Lofty, but do able. I hope to be a master scriptorian when all is said and done. The main focus of the day was finding innactive members that are avoiding the church, and to see where they are at and if they want to come back. Most of the doors we hit, they people had moved. But we will find them. And we will activate them. We were able to teach a lady with Brother Barnes, after they had us over (I still cannot get over the fact of how amazing the members are here, it never ceases to amaze me), and she is really looking for religion in her life. Her husband was deported and she has 4 kids. Being a missionary is emotionally draining. I cannot think of being in some of the situations we come across. We got to see her Saturday too.
Saturday, seems to be the day that we have all our appointments. And all of them manage to fall through. We had 4 and only 1 came through for us. We really need some earnest investigators. The main thing we find out here is apathy and lack of commitment. I wish more people were honest instead of leading us on. Like I said, we taught this woman, and we found out that she doesn't really believe in God. Didn't think I would find that out here. It was quite a wrench thrown in the engine. But it will be awesome to introduce her to God and Christ. She was excited to come to church. We had dinner at the Ferrel's, and they are mighty of the mighty. He served two Mission President Missions, and was an Area 70. And he treats his wife like a gem, the most amazing thing. I hope to be like them growing up.
Sundays are always the best. This time I didn't have to be saying goodbyes. It was Fast Sunday, and the time changes so we actually got study time. It seemed a little late though. 12:30 to 3:30. Once again, I cannot have it all. It really doesn't matter because I cannot sleep in nor take a nap. Maybe in a few years! Everyone was surprised to see me still here, which was neat. I guess that means I am still wanted here! We also attended Priests quorum and asked about the Mini Missions we do with them. They love them, and have inspired them to go on missions. The main thing they said, is that they realized you can have fun. Glad to know I am making an impact! It was really disappointing today because none of our investigators came to church. I wish we could go, show up, and pick them up. I think people avoid it out of fear. Fear that it is truth and they'll have to change. Next Fast Sunday, I will be sharing my testimony. Can I challenge some of y'all to do so too? It really isn't that scary at all!
That is just about it from me! Once again I am glad to hear all is well back home. Sorry that the break has come to an end for all of you. I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted! Now, the countdown until Spring Break right? Then Summer Break. Wow, summer is right around the corner. Time is flying, what the heck! 

Well, time to fire this bad boy off! Thanks again for the prayers, love, and support! I greatly appreciate it and all y'all do! I look forward to hearing from you all in a weeks time! Keep being mighty, fighting the good fight! Have another blessed up week! Be safe and of a good courage!
Elder Dallan Barnes
God's greatest joy, is his children. We are his greatest work. Allow him the Master's touch and he will make more out of yourself than you can on your own.

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