Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 13th
Well olo, my people!
Another week in the books. It feels as if, maybe, perchance, I was emailing about a week ago. It doesn't feel like a week. This one went by quicker than others which was neato. So let me tackle it!
Mondays are always superb! We were able to have a lesson with the Courtney, our investigator, at Rob Johnson's home. Courtney is really going through a lot, but it was a perfect match up. Courtney really just wants his family to be tight nit like the Johnson's. The Gospel definitely strengthens families.
Tuesday was the frigid of the freezing. 6 Degrees. Plus humidity. Cuts to the core of you. I am still thoroughly impressed with my coat's performance! NorthFace makes a good one! But it was so cold. We would knock 3 doors at a time, then scurry back to the car because that is all we could handle. They even closed school because "it was too cold". What is this?? Mamby Pamby land? Don't get me wrong, it was cold, but to close school? Really? Maybe I am just bitter because I never had a snow day. Later that day, we visited with Justin, our Recent Convert, and he has some serious concerns, especially with the title of being a priest. He wants to pursue a secular life... I never thought I would see some partake of the tree of life, then spit it out and move to the great and spacious building. It was super frustrating debating with him. He is pretty set in his mind. Hopefully the Spirit will work on him!
Wednesday, we got trimmed up at the Heinhold's, and I think my old hair might resurface more often! Although, Elder Wilson, thinks my new hair is better looking. A cool miracle was that we prayed specifically to go and find a family, and we found two! One was at a yard sale! We also managed to get the cops called on us. Some lady thought we were kicking down her door. Funny thing, we used the doorbell twice. What good is a door if you aren't going to answer it? I had some amazing Blackberry Pie at the Mankowski's home, with some BBQ. It was a long day of fasting, and it hit the spot!
Thursday we got to attend the temple, which was long overdue. We were up at 5:00 to ensure we made it there on time, with the other Elders. We also had Zone Training after that, which was neat indeed. I wish we could go to the temple more often. I never considered this, but President Harding pointed out, that it is the purest place in the state of Georgia. Such a blessing! Elder Wilson Stopped at Guitar Center and picked up a guitar. I have gotten the itch to pick up an instrument. We will go by today and get a cheap ukulele. If we could play hymns at people's doors, all the people will just beg to be baptized. At least that is what we are hoping for. We were supposed to have another meeting with Courtney at Bishop Shell's home, but Courtney didn't feel comfortable leaving. But they had a nice chat, him and Bishop.
Friday, heartbreak set in. Courtney is no longer living with his wife, and isn't allowed to return. I could not imagine. I wish there was more we could do. If I had it my way, he'd bunk with us! I just feel so helpless. Emotionally draining... Another Heartbreak was us meeting with Bob Feeney. We hadn't met with him all December, so we were thrilled to stop by. He told us that his Daughter said "You will not forsake a lifetime of Catholic living." Bob's wife was devout, and so is his daughter. She is misinformed and won't hear us out. But, Bob promised he would be baptized when she comes around. I have been working with him from day one, and to walk away, was tough. We will drop in once a month or so, but still. Devestated.
Saturday was amazing, we had the Baptism of 4 children. One of them was Lindsey Phillips. We were worried before hand because of the freezing temperatures, that the baptism would be post poned. Luckily, none of the lines froze and there was no flooding. It was beautiful though. To hear the primary sing Families can be together forever. Touching! The other cutest thing was that these twins were baptized, both 8. One is Autistic, and was hugging his brother the whole time they were singing. The Phillip's had us over afterwards, and they are just the bomb! Seriously! Y'all will have to meet all of these fine people in person! They know about Weiner Water Soup, and brought us dinner, with the appetizer being just that. We had to try it. We have the footage. It was so gross, like puke status. Wouldn't recommend it. I still feel sick thinking about it.
Sunday was amazing though, as usual. Allen made it to church out of the blue and Kai also came. We have been worried about both of them! Such a relief! And we also will be teaching a man who has been coming to church for the past month with his child. Primetime baby! I guess these things tend to fall into your lap when you are doing what you are supposed to. The church was packed too! They had to bless another set of trays. That has never happened here. I bet the ward will split within a few years. Did y'all tune into the CES Fireside? Amazing right? His book is exactly what he spoke about.
That's about it for me, hitting it and quitting it, as my brotha's would say down here in da South. We got a mighty week ahead and are praying to see miracles! Thanks for the email fam!
Thanks for all you do for me! I love all of you so much! It is always comforting to hop on and see an email! I am so spoiled! Keep being amazing, every last one of you! I hope that this week will be better than the previous and that you all keep fighting the good fight. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you! I am just an email and 7 days away! Have a blessed up week!
Elder Dallan Barnes
If all dogs go to heaven, and wolves go to hell, Where does Balto go? :(
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