Monday, December 16, 2013

December 9th

What's good, what's good my peeps? What brings you to this electronic trough? Another week in the books. What a week. It has been rainy and dreary almost this whole week. One day, at random, it popped up to Mid 70's. I thought Utah weather was bipolar, and Georgia weather is pretty bad too. Maybe the most reasonable conclusion is that Mother Nature is Bipolar. It also looks like y'all have been getting bombarded with snow! That is amazing! I would love to go hit some slopes, or have a snowball fight, or something. That is one thing that this area could use... Snow! But It is so awesome to come back each Monday to an email from y'all! Seriously the best thing ever. I am so spoiled! Let me blaze through my week!
Monday, we ate out at Zaxby's again of course. What is the status on them coming to Utah? Are they there yet? You best look into it! It is some mighty fine chicken! It will be my comfort food when I get back! We had a few lessons, one with a young man who was raised a member but has been in and out of prison, but is back on track, and on the right train! His girlfriend isn't a member but they are incredible people. They are supposedly being taught by the YSA Sisters, but he wants us to teach them. A bit of a pickle some would say. I don't want to poach though, although that has been the MO for my many months here. Sisters have it easy. I wouldn't want it any other way, what did we ever learn when it was easy? 
Tuesday was super miracle packed. Quick request from all of you, tell me your favorite story of Christ, in honor of this Holiday season! It could be a parable he gave, or a miracle he performed, etc. I know mine has probably been Christ Walking on Water and inviting Peter to come out to him. But, as for the miracles, we got a call from a random number to come to a hospital and give a blessing. This lady that called was innactive from Mississippi, and her boyfriend had a seizure on a skateboard, crashed and busted himself up pretty good. It was a real sweet experience to offer our Lord's help and it was awesome that people know where to reach out to for help. I hadn't ever been in a hospital for something like that. We had an appointment with a lady we found, and she is wanting to really read the Book of Mormon and be baptized soon. Her name is Edyth, and her intentions are good! We later that evening had a visit with another lady we found named Rhonda, and we just spoke about Christ and all the tender mercies we receive. She will be coming to church next week! We also ate at Stevie B's. Pizza buffets are where it is at! They had this good strawberry cheesecake pizza.
Wednesday a lot of people just fell into our hands in the forms of referrals. We were hoping to see Krista, but she came down with the flu. We got a text to visit a young man Named Quienard, his girlfriend just got baptized and he is seriously looking into it! He has the funniest laugh I tell you what. African Americans have some pretty good laughs to be honest. He is convinced we are celebate for life... We also got a text to see a young man named Dew. He is from Liberia and investigated the Church in Texas. He really wants to find truth and be baptized. He is a 7th Day Adventist, so we'll see what we can do there. The gift of tongues is real when it comes to understanding others. We also visited with our Baptismal candidate for Saturday, her name is Kai. She has been smoke free for 3 weeks now and off coffee! She is super awesome and super ready! People are most certainly prepared! I also learned how to shine shoes! I am growing up afterall!
Thursday we had a leadership meeting in Peach Tree City! It was really super neat to see everything that happens behind the scene. President can also have more fun around the leaders. I was able to see Elder Savage and Vandersloot there. They both seem to be doing well! We also got coaxed into doing a musical number for Zone Conference this week. It totally poured today this day too. We had to pull off the road because we couldn't see. Here are a couple insights from that day. The crowning indicator of Love, is loyalty. If you don't do things out of love, there isn't much point in doing them at all.
Friday, everything seemed to fall through. We did get to work in the family history center, and I looked into my tree. Someone should tackle Grandpa Barnes's side! Everything else of mine is really well filled out! I had to show my companions that Levi Savage was my ancestor. I also found out we are Swedish from Grandma Barnes's side. We had dinner at Mama Barnes's home which is always incredible. I don't feel like I see them nearly enough after being moved. 
Saturday was super awesome. We had three solid appointments with Dew, Kai, and Allen. We prepped Kai for Baptism for the following week, and Allen we had a super bold lesson, and had him pray about the message. He says he feels so good and have rekindled his spiritual side. It was super neat, because I actually led the discussion too. All of our appointments are moving towards baptism. We also had the night of Nativity, where the stake center was decked out in Christmas cheer! So many Nativities from all over the place! It was super awesome! We also had several Non Members come out to visit too. We got to clean the church in the morning which was alright. We were up at 5:00 getting ready. It was a long but rewarding day for sure. We had a priest come out with us all day. His name is Flint Moore. The Moore's are the most Southern People in the ward. I also think my companions think I am a social butterfly. Compared to them, Yes! I love the ward and chat with everyone. 
Sunday is always the best. It feels like family out here! Kai was able to make it out to church which was awesome. She didn't quite make it for Sacrament, but the ward is definitely taking their arms around her. We didn't have any others at church was disappointing, but we will continue to press onward. We had a awesome dinner with a new family, the Drakes. They are super awesome!  Sister Drake commented on my prowess with kids. They have two young ones. The thought hit me, everyone seems to ask me about if I have younger siblings or neices and nephews, maybe I need to do something with kids. Pediatric something... I don't know. I do love kids though! The Christmas Devotional was awesome though! Did y'all tune into it? I also really need to get better about staying focused on my journaling. I don't get to bed until midnight most nights. We are usually just shooting the breeze for a while. It is good, and I love the comradery. But I do value my sleep! Is there anyway to train the body to function on minimal sleep?
Today should be splendid! We will try to hit up a Ross or Goodwill today. Maybe look at some pens at Office Depot. Maybe get a set of slacks. You know, missionary things! No Zaxby's today unfortunately! But, It is shaping up to be a good week! 

Well wow, that is just about all I have to say! That and all y'all are amazing! Just keep bringing in the Christmas cheer and continuing to smile! And find someone to serve this Christmas season! I am going to take a Christmas ornament off the gift tree here! If that is the very least I can do, that will make me feel so much better! Thanks again for all you do and wish only the most blessed up week for y'all! Take care and I eagerly await next weeks email! Love you all! 
Elder Dallan Barnes
If God can bring you to it, He'll see you through it!
We may not know all the answers at the time when we need them, but be confident that God has provided all that we need to take the next step in faith

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