Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wed Feb 19,

Crazy Turn of Events....
So, I was hoping to get in and email on Monday, but President's day derailed that. So no, I am not dead, not being held hostage, still breathing and still loving Georgia. I am not entirely sure what you know about what has happened, but it has been a real mad house. The last minute transfer, to where I am now. First things first, I am in Decatur Georgia (right outside Atlanta), AND I am on MARTA ( Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) Public transit baby! Let me just say, we are almost always the only white people on the Train. But it is pretty fun being a nomad, or a vagabond of sorts. Plenty of people to talk to as well! It's a thrill of sorts! Let me tackle my week, not sure how in depth this one will be because time is limited today (Someone ruined emailing from Members computers for the rest of us...)
Monday and Tuesday was nuts. Packed all my stuff and I still had to leave stuff behind. We found out Tuesday morning that we needed to be packed and ready by 12 and at the church. It was supposed to be my visiting day, but that got blown out of the water. They moved transfers to get ahead of the ice storm, which was crazy to say the least. It was super hard to leave, like leaving home again. So sudden, but I hope I will be back! It would be crazy to finish out the mission there. On the van to my new area, I rode with Meservey, which was sweet to see him, but the exit before we got to the building, our tire shredded on the freeway. I am not sure if you saw the youtube video, maybe it is on the mission facebook page. How do you feel about me learning the harmonica too? But, I met my new companion and I am in the Twin Oaks ward, which is huge! 5 sets of missionaries, and a lot of work to be done. My companion is Elder Moore, he came from the North Mission and knows Vandersloot very well! So it is pretty sweet! He has been here in this area for only 6 weeks, but he has been 18 months out. We are going to do work! We hunkered down for the night for the ice storm. A lot of bro time!
Wednesday we were apartment locked because MARTA didn't run for the next few days. But we did get out and walk as much as we could and called like a frillion people. It was closer to 120, but you catch my drift! We had several phone lessons, just trying to remain productive. It was dumping snow and rain though, it was crazy! The weatherman was right again, and President had us get as much water as possible just in case our Power went out, thankfully it didn't. When we got out, it was pandemonium all over. It wasn't even snowing, it was little BB's of frozen rain, most interesting thing ever. I also figured out a reason why I was here. So Brother Collins that took us out to Zaxby's, his Less Active Daughter lives right down the road from us and her son isn't baptized. It was so crazy how we discovered the relationship. We'll be working with him now! So amazing, all the little ties!
Thursday, Locked up again...
Friday I had my first MARTA Experience, which was eye opening. But it was fun, an experience indeed. We just talk with everyone though, the bus and trains are kind of fun, but I have made sure to keep hand sanitizer close by! We also walked the streets and met some interesting people too. Some guy professed that he was out drinking and talking to Joseph Smith. Totally the real deal. Cocaine is a heck of a drug. What we ended up doing was meeting some of the members out here. Not quite as strong as Lost Mountain, but there are still several amazing people. I don't think anything will amount to Lost Mountain, but that's just fine! I was so blessed so serve there. I think I am here to strengthen the ward as well, to build it up so every ward can be a Lost Mountain. I am still bummed I didn't get to say goodbye to many people.. We met a Recent Convert and her non member Husband, and he was saying some of the craziest English. Like, Inskructor... Skress... Dum Slum... Gangsta... Miskrakes... fruskrated. I was so giddy to hear it! That is the accent I need ;) But, we got him on date after much talk about Sports. And Happy Valentine's too! Hope it was magical!
Saturday was a similar story, just meeting members and investigators. It is so crazy how prepared people are, when you just open your mouth and talk with them. It doesn't even have to be about the Gospel. Just being friendly. Everyone we talk to loves Jesus, so that is just the best!
Sunday was a pretty warm reception, the ward seems very pleasant! And there is a lot of diversity, which is a bonus. Starting over is tricky! But, it is all part of the learning experience! Nothing too crazy happened Sunday, but it was nice to feel the Spirit. I got to say the Closing prayer for Sacrament, first time ever.
Monday, we went and did a little sight seeing. Turner Field, the Olympic Park, Downtown, the World Trade Center, Marriot Hotel, a store called Suit City (greatest store ever, missionary cloud 9). I might be picking up a black suit soon, we will see. 2 suits for $150, and they are good looking suit. There is a whole wall like 100 feet long devoted to ties. I also feel the urge to learn how to cut my own hair, we will see how that goes!
Tuesday, I would have gotten back to you, but we were packed with appointments. Another solid day of missionary work!
That is just about all I have to say about my Week. A whole new world has been opened to my eyes. Wish I had more time to respond to all y'alls questions, but we are on a limited email schedule.. Next week will be more extensive! We got appointments to jet to. But I love you all so very much and appreciate all that you do, especially the email! It is always a comfort to know that I have someone behind me at all times! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you! There might be some actual ATL stuff headed your way, since I am in the thick of it now! I guess I am a hoodrat from here on out. Keep being amazing and fighting the good fight! Have another blessed up week!
Yo Eldah
(Elder Dallan Barnes, see what I did there? ;])

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