Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ba da ba ba ba, We're Lovin' it!
Another day to come to the Library and to "connect" with y'all! This week has been above average, but not outstanding! I am super nervous right now sitting here, because we got the calls for transfers.. We didn't think either of us would be moving, because we both have just gotten here. But, the Lord and His ways... I'll tell you what! If you want God to laugh, tell him your plans! But, drumroll............ Elder Moore will be leaving the Twin Oaks Ward to be a Zone Leader. As for me and our apartment, I will be staying. I have been asked to be the District Leader and also to train a new missionary. My. Plate. Is. Full. I'm excited but terrified at the same time. I'm having a Son!  I will most definitely need y'alls prayers this week! It also sounds like we might not be on MARTA anymore. Bittersweet as well. Now that I got that off my chest, let me tackle my week!
Monday, it rained and poured all day. It was absolutely frigid! We had a pizza party at a Member's home which was sweet! Casual dinners are the best! The Haslem's are legit! And yes, I was pinch free! Although, I don't think black people celebrate St. Patrick's. We could have had a pinching hay day on the bus! That is one way to bring up the Gospel! I can just see a convert getting up and saying, "It all started with a pinch!" Maybe next year folks!
Tuesday, we had many appointments lined up, and all of them fell through. I wish people were more accountable, and men of their words. They just keep folding like lawn chairs. We went to go see the Owen's family, an investigator family I mentioned last week, and met another Sister that is in need of the Gospel! So we have four of them that have agreed to be baptized! They might not be super ready for the Gospel, but they certainly stand in the most need! An investigator, Lawanda called us and said we need to pray for her and her nephew, because he was on the brink of death going into surgery. Uniting in prayer can change lives! Not sure how it works, but our faith affects so many others!
Wednesday, a quick miracle for all y'all, relating to our investigator Nieta. We hadn't seen her in a little while, but had been conversing via text. We felt the urge to go up and see her, even if she was working. She gladly spoke to us when we got there, even taking her lunch break to talk. We taught her the Restoration right then and there, and it made sense to her. She later asked what day the Sabbath was on. We explained the doctrine of Sabbath Worship, and that it was moved to Sunday to commemorate the resurrection of the Savior. She wanted some scriptures to back it up! We showed her the scriptures, and said, "I will show this to my boss, and I will never work another Sunday again!" Absolutely amazing! The boss declined, but she is already looking for other employment. She is amazing, and will be coming to church on her birthday, this Sunday! God is a god of miracles! The heavens are open and ready to pour out blessings and miracles on condition that we reach for His hand!
Thursday, we dawned the mobile moving service clothing, and helped a member move in. She has so much stuff! I can only imagine how miserable that will be, to pack up a whole house! I also saw the biggest church I have ever seen! It was gigantic! Larger than football stadiums! Eddy Long's New Birth church! I had to take photos of it! The great and abominable! The dude's house is a mansion, right across the street from the church. God is not someone who needs to be taken advantage over, or to make money on. They have their reward!
Friday we spent a good block of the day doing a baptismal interview for some of the Sister's investigator, James and Eiei. They are amazing though, probably going to be some of the first members from Burma. We dawned some working clothes again, and split some wood, like real manly men of God! It was actually fun though! I bet you could get pretty ripped! I could maybe pull off being a lumberjack! And thanks for feeding us again Mom! You're the best cook ever!
Saturday the Baptism went through! Which is amazing! I still need to get in the font! Hopefully soon! Before that, we were out and about, and all the people we went to go see, weren't home. This is where MARTA is a problem. Spending Two hours to find one person that isn't there. We were on the bus with a lady that was reading some Jehovah's Witness material, so we couldn't let her dwindle in further belief! We gave her some real truth! And she wants to have us back, and is also moving! More service!! We also went to see the Owen's family again, and we only got to see half of them! It is just another testament to me that raising a family in the Gospel is the only way to a happy and functional family! We didn't get home until 10:15 PM and had to be up at 5:30 AM. So we ran on 4 hours of sleep! All is well though!
Sunday was good, nothing too out of the unusual happened. We found out about what companionships were headed to transfers, but not who would be leaving. I think back to what Elder Porter, our ZL, said, "You will be here a while." Prophecy fulfilled! The theme about what the talks were on was gifts of God. Namely, the Sacrament and Atonement, Prophets, and our Faith! He is so loving, it is ri-freaking-diculous! We had dinner with another family, which was great! I really do love spending time with these people, because outside of Sunday, they are wicked busy with school and their own family. What did you all learn from Church?
We will be headed to the Zoo at 2:00 today, which should be most excellent! I guess I will have at least 6 more weeks to site see! I have to hit the Aquarium and Martin Luther King's place! But all is well!
So that is about all I got for you, anymore will cost you! As usual, I am at your Mercy! Let me know what I can do for y'all and I will do my best to do it! Thanks for all you do for me! I am ever so grateful for everyone! Thanks for the prayers and love! I am so well taken care of! Having another outstanding amazing blessed up week! Hold to the Rod! Fight the good fight! And walk in the light of His love! Keep it Holy! 

Elder Dallan Barnes
"Where does Hamburger come from?" - Us
"HAMSTERS!" - Young boy on the bus

Expect miracles today, and they'll come your way!

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