Monday, March 3, 2014

         Dinner party!!!!

March 3

To be or not to be... What a dumb question, that answer is always TO BE!
Another week has passed here in the great state of Georgia. The not so Hotlanta, as of late! Thank you all for the letter! Let me jump right on into my week! My time might be a little short because we will be hitting Stone Mountain.. In the Rain! Should make for quite the memory!

 Without further Adieu, Monday was A okay. We spoke with a Muslim man, of which was very passionate about his beliefs. Telling us that we are Muslim, whether we know it or not. Our Fathers and Grandfathers have deceived us. I would like to learn more about them Later on, but now, it is all about Christ! We were once again placed right next to someone who was prepared, she started asking about the Book of Mormon and told us she hates that her "mega church" puts on a show. We only spoke with here for less than a minute, but she should be pretty promising!

Tuesday, was fairly meager. I felt more like a burden or a plague going to some of these apartment complexes. People never make eye contact with us, let alone look at us. People heckle us from their porches. And then there are some, well a lot that think we are Jehovah's Witness. They've totally gotten us a bad rep. We didn't find many people that were promising, but we were out and about to say the very least, God rewards the obedient!

Wednesday we met an amazing lady named Nieta. She came as a referral from the Brockett Ward, and has been hard to get a visit with. She is working full time, even over time hours lately, at a Sears in Clarkston. We were able to teach her a little bit over the phone during the snow storms, and we have chatted here and there. We finally set aside the time to just go catch her at work, because what we have is urgent. She hadn't received a Book of Mormon, so that was our main goal. To teach her about it and testify of it's truth. She told us how bad she wants to come to church, and will be coming next Sunday. How she wants to raise her kids in the truth, and that the truth is worth fighting for. She has even run into opposition (go figure, Satan is always at work) from her Mother to "Be careful what you read, and rely on the Spirit." She is amazing, and I can see her getting on the path to eternal life and staying on it! She will be a very good addition to the Twin Oaks Ward. We are both super excited for her! God is so good, too good at times!

Thursday was a long and dreary day. The Lithonia Elders were moving apartments, and got a call two days before, so they needed help packing. We crashed there, and labored well into the night. I finally got to bed at 4:00 AM. To make things worse, their apartment was infested with Roaches. I was too tired to care, and was especially not looking forward to waking up soon. We did get the Pizzas though! Thank you so much Mom! They were just what we needed! It got devoured pretty quick, especially cause it fed 4 of us. I told all of them that they can say they love you now too! 

Friday blended into Thursday, with all the packing finally coming to fruition and getting them situated in their new apartment. Hopefully none of the roaches followed them. The tender mercy, was that despite the fatigue and exhaustion, I prayed for strength to make it through the day, and I did just that!

Saturday was my 200th day out, crazy stuff right there! It was not much of a celebration. Not too many people were interested that day. But, we did do some crazy tracting in some projects/apartments. Many of the windows were busted out, and people scampered inside because they think we are Police. Good things are to come in March, we can feel it!

Sunday was one of the more powerful Fast and Testimony meetings. It was the courage of one 9 year old boy that shook the whole congregation. So the boy and Dad went up to share testimony. The dad went first, then proceeded to sit down. The kid got up, stammered out a few quick words, then finally realized the task he had undertaken. Fear totally shot through him. He couldn't say a word, except after a few seconds, "Dad, I need you!" he uttered. The Dad didn't hesitate to come up, throw his arm around him and help him through what he was to say. I just felt that is exactly our relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We often get ourselves in over our head, and there is no one at hand to save us. But as we cry out for help, God will not fail us nor forsake. He will come immediately, comfort us, then walk us through what we need to conquer. It happened to Peter when walking on water, where Christ immediately reached forth and grabbed Peter when he sank, it Happened to Christ in Gethsemane, when he cries out "Abba", (Daddy, if you will), and angels minister to him. I admire that Boys courage, and the lesson I learned that day. God is with each and everyone one of us, and there is absolutely nothing that can separate us from his Love. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there, or to push yourself to the limit, because there is always help. Needless to say, it rocked me to the core because I am in over my head when I really think about what the Lord expects of me. But I know with him, all things are possible!
Well that is all for today folks! Thanks again for the Letter, I love you all so very much, and are very near and dear to my heart! Keep fighting the good fight, and pressing onward in the faith! Let me know if there is absolutely anything I can do for any of you! Have another blessed up week!
Elder Dallan Barnes

Quote of the Week: "God made us in His own image, so I reckon he is a pretty handsome guy!"

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