Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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Happy June!!
I still am so amazed at how quick the time is going! I wish I could have a pause button at times (and maybe a rewind one in some instances..). But God is so good! Too good at times! My week has been one of the finest weeks in my service. So here goes nothing!
Tuesday we had an amazing time with the Partridge's at Stone Mountain! We were able to see some glass blowing, and ride the tram to the top, and also do a bit of a Rope Course. It was so much fun! I am so grateful for members that take care of us as if we were their own. They said next time they will take us to do the rest of the things we didn't do, like the Mini Golf, etc. I will need to come back for the Laser Show they have on the rock face. Thank you for the Pizza! The other Elders are appreciative as well!
Wednesday was District meeting again, and it felt like an odd day. We ended up spending all of our time at the Church, because we had to do training, lunch, and Weekly Planning there, up until when we had Gospel Study. Nothing too major went down, just a long day at the office I suppose. It is so much more fun to get out and do! I also packed and got ready for Boot Camp!
Thursday we were up early so the District Leaders could make it to Fayetteville. We swapped companions, and off we went with the other 3 District Leaders in the Atlanta East Zone. The Zone Leaders had the Camp Tuesday and Wednesday, and we got a little insight to what it'd be. We got to spend the day, night, and day at the Mission Home and be taught from President and Sister Harding, as well as the Assistants, and The Mission Presidency. They had the Fayetteville and Atlanta Zone's there. It was amazing, to not worry about all of the usual things, to take our minds of it all and just learn, and grow in faith. It was all about raising expectations, increasing faith, and becoming the missionaries that the Lord wants us to be! We were fed all 3 meals each day (hadn't had that since the MTC), and we even got some activities in. We played a little football, watched some fireworks, and watched Ephraim's Rescue. We didn't get to bed until 12:30, but it was so worth it. I am so blessed to have the mountain of a couple my mission president and wife are.
Friday Morning, we had an early morning jog around a lake, in the fog, next to an airport. Remember the Titan's status! It was pretty powerful, and we ended by jogging in the forest, and came across a banner that President had set up. We had a Joseph Smith like experience, with President burying some copies of the Book of Mormon, that we uncovered. They had some notes and a book mark in it. Overall, I just felt so much more united amongst the other District out here. Sometimes I feel like I am on my own, but I know for certainty that everyone else is having similar problems and successes. We had more instruction, as well as meals, on how to become finer instruments. We even had a water balloon fight, which turned into everyone gang up on President. And no, no one got sent home! We were taught about the Speed of Trust, which is an expensive program that Franklin Covey puts out to major businesses and corporations for increasing their productivity! We wrapped it all up with a devotional and off we went! So spoiled to be where I am at! Not a place I would rather be. I think the most moving thing was to see President get fired up (have yet to see him do such), about working. He spoke to some missionaries on the phone, and after, he turned to us and said, "I'll be straight up, I'm asking you to work harder. Work your tail off! Don't just work smarter, but work harder." I got home late that night, and got some rest as usual! I could always use a little more. The other thing I realized is that everything truly is in my power to do. Any excuse I can think of, can be overcome with faith. That'll be what I will work on, increasing faith so that I could get to the point of Jacob 4:6, Unshaken Faith.
Saturday, we hit it pretty hard, making it a point to achieve the indicators that we have placed before us. It was a slower day, but I invited like crazy, and I must say, I haven't felt better. True Success is in inviting! We are still working to find those that the Lord has truly prepared, but we ended the week finding 20 New Investigators. It rained and was a gloomy day, but I was determined. I hope this fire can branch to my companion and to the District.
Sunday, was a miraculous day. Fast Sundays are so powerful as is, but to recognize the extra blessings we get, makes it all worth it. We were blessed with 7 less actives returning to church, and 2 Investigators. One of the less actives we found here at the library, bore his testimony. I have had it easy compared to many of these people out here. After church, we went to a street we were inspired to go to, and we found 6 New Investigators. All were invited to be baptized, and are willing to when they find out it is true! I know that this is truth! One of the people we found, actually met with missionaries a few years ago, and wondered why they stopped coming by. Cool story is that, his door was the one I was lead to, but knocked others on our way to it. Such a beautiful thing it is, to be in the service of God.
Today, I think we will go to the Martin Luther King Memorial, and possibly Coke World. But You'll hear about it next week!
That's about what I have for y'all! Have an amazingly blessed up week! Let me know what I can do for you all! I'll be out here sweating my butt off! Yeah, I am losing weight! Love you all so very much! Fight the good fight!
Elder Dallan Barnes
"If Satan can't kill you, he'll hold your tongue." President Harding
"If you do it in His name, you need to do it His way." President Harding

"There is no downside to dreaming; there's infinite downsides to doubting."

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