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Mon 6/09/14

I'll Make You an Offer You Can't Refuse
We meet again! I am super glad to see that all is well at home, and that I still get emails! Thank you for that! It is certainly heating up here, what about back home? I have been drinking so much water, but the good thing, I am still losing weight! Running for Buses, and walking all day will do that for you! So let me give y'all the overview of the week!
Monday we did in fact go to the King Memorial Historic Site as well as snagged some Chicken and Waffles from Gladys Knight! The Memorial was amazing, and I really want to learn more about the Civil Rights Movement and Martin Luther King's Life. We got to see where he is buried, the house he was born in, as well as the church he was a minister for. It is amazing what one man can do to the world. Talk about being the right person, at the right place, at the right time. I think we can all make those kinds of differences, because we are where we are supposed to be! The Chicken and Waffles was a bit of a let down, $13 for for wings and a waffle. I guess the picture and experience make up the difference.
We had exchanges and district meeting on Tuesday, which made for a miraculous day. It was all about lifting expectations, and inviting people to be baptized. We set a goal of inviting at least 2 people per day per companionship. Me and Elder Schnell got 6, 1 of which accepted a specific date, his name is Darius, and he is a former investigator, I think I mentioned him before. We saw so many tender mercies too. We were out and about all day, in the heat, and the best thing I heard was,"Being on Foot is really tiring." All I can say is that it is worth it. We met with Nieta too, she's the bomb! We can always count on her to make us laugh and lift out spirits! Small world as well, Abby's roommate, Taylor Powell, her brother and wife just moved into the ward down the street from us. Small world!
Wednesday was alright, hump day right? We got to speak with Patience our investigator, and she was a little down. We helped console her and add to her faith. Hebrews 11 is one powerful chapter. She is still looking to get some things taken care of, but she is hoping to be baptized on the 12th of July. With God, all things are possible, I know that much. We also met a man who was on laughing gas, and got so excited when we invited him to be baptized and to receive the Holy Ghost. Got to love the south, particularly, Decatur! Another gentleman was convinced that the Book of Mormon would help him get women. Absolutely, but maybe not the way he was thinking. The Allen's had us over for Dinner, I'm so glad we have them here!
Thursday we ran out and about, trying to get some planning in, but some pressing appointments needed to take place. Brother Priest, the Less Active we found was eager to have us over again, and explained to us how much we lift his spirits. I would love to take credit, but that is certainly the Holy Ghost. Despite his situation right now, he still wants to feed us. It amazes me the sacrifices people go through for missionaries. I don't know if I can ever repay many people. One small miracle took place, while we were going to go see a new investigator named Darius. On our way there I felt like we should give him a call, let him know we were going to be a little early. I saw in the phone that there was a Former Investigator, named Darias, and called him thinking not too much of it. Come to find out, this was not Darius, but indeed the former. He had just lost his sister two weeks ago, and was extremely distraught, looking for purpose and wondering if he would see her again. We testified there on the phone, in the name of Jesus Christ, that he could and will as he accepts the Gospel. Talk about the Lord's timing and placement. We would have never called him, had we not been headed to this other investigator. We will be meeting with Darias this week, and plan on helping him receive the knowledge and peace he is yearning for. I can't say enough about the Roylance's either, they had us over for dinner, and they are the best!
Friday, we exchanged again, but with the Elders here in Twin Oaks. We had Elder Packard's last Zax Attack (Zaxby's run), because he is headed home on the 19th. Transfers are right around the corner, it is so crazy. We had a powerful day as well, teaching the Coppock's and David the nonmember said he would have no problem being baptized on the 28th. It poured the whole bus ride down there (thankfully, the one time you appreciate MARTA being slow), and when we hopped off, it subsided. Then the sun peeked out, and we were in a Sauna the rest of the day. That's good for your skin right?! I got to do a Baptismal Interview for a lady named Kay, that they Elders have been teaching. She is amazing, truly! The best interview I have had. She was uneasy about it at first, but I suppose I have a way of making people feel comfortable. She wants to call and let y'all know the impact I made on her, from this interview. Such a sweet, honest, and loving lady! We capped the night at the Atkin's with Patience, and talked about bearing up burdens, and how they can assist us. She is struggling a little bit, and trying to find a place where she can fit in. Being shy is of the devil!
Saturday, was one of the longer days I have had. Usually they are miracle packed, but not this one. No one wanted to hear from us, nor would anyone answer the door. Someone said that Friday was national doughnut day, maybe they had some hangovers from that. It was high 80's, 90% Humidity, and we didn't have too many solid appointments. We spent a good diddy walking, and riding, but the sun can just sap your energy. I drank extra water, and didn't have to use the restroom until when we got home. I must have been sweating it out. We met with a lady  named Tonya, and she loved to hear that she could find out if what we were saying was true (apparently the opposite of what other proselyting churches do....) We had to run home to make it in by 9:30, but we made it!

Sunday was great as usual. Less sleep of course, but the Sacrament makes it worth it. Nothing too earth shattering hit me during church, but we did get to do a little family history work to see if we could find a name to take to the temple. I couldn't find any, so we will just need to do some work. Especially Grandpa Barnes' side! We do have royal lineage though! We're kind of a big deal. We got to sit down with the Embley family, they are the bomb as well! We found our way up to the Cairn's for dinner, and a little bit of a team up! We got to speak with Thomas, one of our recent converts, and I missed him an awful lot. He has been working so much, that it is hard to get in contact with him. I also wish that I could have gone to Africa or somewhere foreign, cultures fascinate me!
That's about all I have! We are debating on Coke World or The Fernbank Science Museum for today! We also need to find a good BBQ place around here, I have been missing that. Transfers are coming up next week, so we will see what happens.

That is about all I have for this week! I wish you all the best of weeks ever, and hopefully you all will find something fun to do for Father's day! Have a super blessed up week, and let me know what I can do for anyone! Fight the good fight, keep the faith high!
Elder Dallan Barnes

"Marta: Taking you forever to get nowhere."

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