Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Good Morning from the Bible Belt!
Well, I don't think there is a belt big enough to fit around it, so maybe suspenders would be better to keep the South's pants up, just a thought. I am so glad to hear from everyone once again, God is good! He is too good to me by giving me such an amazing family and friends! I think I am going to mix up the email just a bit, tell me if you like what I got spinning. But I want to maybe do instead of Days necessarily, 4 Ups from the week, and 2 Downs. So here goes nothing!
Up #1: Me and my companion are getting along even greater now! We have talked through some things, but we can joke, have some fun, testify, invite, you name it. President Harding is truly inspired and despite me and Elder Rawlings differences (we have more similiarities than differences), I can say I truly do love him. He is such a hard worker, and it is all out of love. He has definitely helped me recognize more of my potential, and I am so thrilled to work in the trenches of Decatur with him!
Up #2: We had the Traveling Assistants come to our area and we blitzed it! I went with Elder Porter (our old Zone Leader), and we did work! We invited 8 People to be baptized, found 5 New Investigators, three more individuals who have expressed Desires to be baptized! People were just coming out of hte wood work, I kid you not! I have such a firm testimony of planning, and prayer! Put them together, and voila, miracles! One small miracle of the many, we were driving by, and saw this guy walking his son in a stroller, so we had to stop! That is a family right there! We pulled over, jumped out, prayed with him, and taught the Restoration right there. He then explained how he was engaged, has 2 kids, looking for another job, and wants to unite his family. Our boy Dwayne is going to get dunked soon!
Down #1: GasDat. Let me explain, we tracted into this 19 Year Old young man, and he was all for him and 'his girl' getting married, and how he would be the father to his future children, that he never had, and that you rarely see here in Dekalb County. Noble and Righteous Desires for sure. Then we found out how he would afford it, not dealing drugs, but buying marijuana, throwing parties where he would charge people to get into. The name of the Marijuana Party.... GasDat. He was so proud of the idea, but we let him know that that is not okay, at all! It is sad that individuals even consider that an option.
Up #3: Overall, we had the most successful week I have yet to have in my mission. Mainly because we planned it, but we were also enabled because of the car. We ended up with 15 Member Present Lessons, 23 New Investigators, 2 Investigators at Sacrament Meeting, 9 Families on Date to be Baptized. We are fixing to get some people in the water right quick! I have the firmest knowledge that God is involved in the details of our lives! If something matters so much to you, it matters to Him!
Down #2: We were finding in this neighborhood that we have Investigators in, and were going to see them. We hit one house, then the police showed up, not so kindly asking what we were doing and if the person we were speaking with was being bothered. He then sought to escort us out, but we had appointments. We asked if he wanted to hear about the Restoration, unfortunately declined. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take!

Up #4: We had President Harding come to Decatur for his Quarterly Interviews. He is truly a man of God! He knows so much about me, without having much of an opportunity to get to know me. He was quoting my Patriarchal Blessing and Setting Apart Blessing too. The Spirit works in mysterious ways! I asked him how do we know that we are meeting God's expectations for us. He said, "Trust completely in the Lord, Be Strictly Obedient, Work your Tail off, and pray always to enlist the help of heaven, I gurantee if you do these things, you will fulfill all expectations." That was just what I needed to hear, because I feel so incompetent sometimes. Those feelings ought to be expected as I embark on a whole new segment of missionary service. Faith will make everyone whole.
Up #5: The members out here are astounding! We had dinners almost every night! The Atkin's baked us a cookie dough cheesecake because I had mentioned it a while back! It was heaven sent! The Roylance's, The Cairn's, The Powell's, Brother Priest all had us over. I can't thank them enough! I still am on the downhill for weight loss, which is good and dandy with me! I also got some love in the form of a package! And Pizza! Thanks Mom! Those Giant Otter pops are to die for!. 
That is about all that I have for everyone of you! Thanks for all that you do! I am excited to hear what happens this next week and the adventures you will be on! I really appreciate the Letter, and for everything else you do! Love you all so much! Let me know if or what I can do to assist y'all! Have a blessed up week! Fight the good fight! Keep the Faith!

Elder Dallan Barnes
"Can you see Dead People?" - Me (asking a young kid)
"Nope, but I saw a Dead Rat!" - Young Kid (response)
"This is going to go fast, so let's have fun." President Harding
"The Lord doesn't need polished people. He needs you!" Sis. Allen

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