Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb 16th
Happy Valentine’s Day!
The essence of the Gospel is Love! I hope it was a wonderful day back home! We did all the assorted activities that were expedient on Valentine’s. Well, just about all we did was look good with some matching ties and testify of God’s love for all of us! I was meaning to share Roman’s 8:35-39 with someone, but I think I need to share it with y’all! Absolutely nothing will separate us from the Love of Christ! Our task is to abide in that love and then to go into all the world and help others experience it too! What a great day to be alive! Thanks for the kind letters and the packages! I felt well loved by y’all and my Heavenly Father! It’s been a most excellent week! Let me fill you in on all the details!
The miracle this week has to be from just yesterday! We prayed about where we needed to go, as our appointments fell through with our team up. We felt inspired to go see a lady named Ginger. As we pulled up, we noticed that they were moving things out of the home. On further discussion with Ginger, we discovered that her husband is leaving her for all sorts of awful reasons. In that very moment of need I turned to Acts 17:27-28 and testified with all the energy of my soul that God loved her, and that he was within arm’s reach, even now more so than ever and that she was His choice daughter. Tears filler her eyes and she reassured us that it would all work out. The Spirit carried our words and the words of the Apostle Paul unto and into her heart, because she was open. We will be seeing her at the end of this week as she will be putting her life back in order. God loves all of us, and He loves us so much that he chastens us! 
Our investigator family, the Sutton’s are moving along super well! They are always so excited to see us when we come by! They have been reading and praying as a family now! The Book of Mormon is becoming an anchor in their lives. It is the most incredible thing to see people change and come closer! They have been through a rough patch in the past, and the most important thing they can do is to have the welding bond of being sealed in the Temple for time and all eternity! Labron committed us that if they came to church, we would have to watch a UGA game with him. You can count me in! The next step is having them come to church! They will make it! I know they will! They wanted to come see us speak, but things got in the way, as the adversary tends to do! 
We survived giving our talks! I did something different by not writing any of it out. I prepared an awful lot, don’t get me wrong. But when I stepped up to the plate, I didn’t know what I was exactly going to say. The Spirit guided my talk and it was an amazing feeling. I felt like I did really well, but once again it, it is nothing of my own doing. I was merely the instrument! I ended up speaking for twenty five minutes and it flew by! Truly the Lord does inspire men in these days! The greatest gift we can receive here is the gift of the Holy Ghost! 
The other pinnacle of the week was the fact that we had the privilege to do baptisms for the dead in the temple on Wednesday! That is an experience that most missionaries cannot say that they have done. We got caught in traffic and missed the endowment session. We live in the sticks! As we stormed into the temple, we mentioned we were late. He kindly corrected us saying, “You are never late in the Temple. This is the Lord’s Work.” That hit me with some profound force. If we are doing the Lord’s work, the Lord’s way, we can believe that we are being led to do exactly what he needs us to do. Besides, the Lord’s work is all about others, not ourselves!
It is threatening to snow out here Mom! Something is backwards about that whole picture! Let me explain the hair in the photos on the mission facebook page, we did baptisms at the temple unexpectedly. So I had no gel to put it all back in order. I still do cut my hair, I can do it in 30 minutes now! With a price of Free.99, you can’t top that kind of hair do! 
That is about all I have to say about that! It has been an excellent one! I am glad to hear all is well out in Utah! Please keep fighting the good fight of faith! I love you all so very much! Thanks again for all that you do for me! I hope y’all have another blessed up week!

Elder Dallan Barnes

Your life depends on your obedience!

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