Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb 23
Snow, Snow, Go Away, 
After being told daily that a huge winter storm was going to hit us, we were prepared to endure the arctic tundra not too commonly found in North Western Georgia. We hunkered down, awaiting the impact of the snow. And it totally missed us. We had a little bit of snow, not enough to make a snow angel or have a snow ball fight, but technically it snowed. It didn’t really derail us at all though, the work of the Lord must move forth! Thankfully we were blessed to have the car this week. Let me give you the saucey details! 
One of the many miracles this past week happened at church. It’s a part member family named the Quick’s. Their daughter, Holly, hasn’t been baptized and is 12 years old. The Mom was raised in the church, but is not supportive of it currently. Bro Quick invited us and the young men to fast and pray for Holly. Just yesterday in the hall, Bro Quick told us, with a few tears in his eyes, that Holly decided that she wants to be baptized here in the coming weeks. It was a testimony strengthening experience for him, but for me also! Prayer and fasting works mighty miracles! 
I will be spending another transfer with Elder Terhufen out here in the grand land of Cassville! I am really excited for that! It has taken us a whole transfer to get someone to church! Yesterday we were able to have four! Tribulation works patience, and patience works hope! 
Another miracle was to see our investigator Todd come to church again! He had his house burnt down and he also is going through a messy divorce with his wife. He has a lot on his plate but we set up a meeting with him and Bishop yesterday, and he gave him a blessing. We also prayerfully picked someone to help fellowship him. We chose the Anglin Family. Come to find out that Bro. Anglin already knew him. Bro Anglin’s parents took care of Todd’s kids as babysitters. Bro Anglin also is a handy man and will be helping him piece the house together! Prayerfully planning brings miracles! 
The Sutton’s had another thing come up that prevented them from coming to church. However, they will be coming this week! Every time we go over there, I can’t help but see them in the temple. It is going to happen! We will do any and everything to get them there! The intermediate step is going to be having them in a members home for a meal, it’s game over at that point! It is so amazing what the Gospel does to families! It is tangible and evident and I know that everyone really desires the peace and happiness it truly brings! 
We had a miracle in finding a family of five. They are married and have three boys, ages nine, seven, and five. We were led there after everything managed to fall through (or as I have come to realize, the Lord rescheduling our days. At least we tried to do our best, right? Sometimes I think the Lord gets a good laugh out of us and our feeble attempts.) We had no luck in this neighborhood, but we persisted, and asked everyone if they knew someone. We found Jen and her boys, she then expressed how in the past she had found Christ, but had since drifted from Him. She wanted her whole family to be baptized, and even picked her birthday for a date to aim for! It was truly amazing to see the Lord leading us! If a GPS can guide us, God can definitely do so, even more precisely!  
That’s all for today, folks! Thanks again for all that you do for me! Thanks for the love and letters! I really and truly appreciate it all so much! I love you all! Please keep fighting the good fight! Have a blessed up week!
Elder Dallan Barnes

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