Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb 9th
It is crazy to hear that it is warm on all fronts! It has been a killer week out here. I almost even ran this morning in shorts and a shirt. The rain has come in, and it appears that maybe some spring weather will be hitting us soon. Who knows, maybe a super massive snow storm is right around the corner too. You can never tell these days! Let me tell you about this week though, because it has been most excellent!
The miracle this week has to be the amazing Sutton family, whom we found early on this week. We were out and about, we had some good contacts planned to go see. They didn’t end up being home, but we knew there was a reason we were at that place. We saw a lady pull up in her truck and we had to go speak with her. Brandy has three kids, a 2 week old, a 3 year old, and a 7 year old. She invited us to step in, but we told her that out of respect for her and her husband that we wouldn’t step in. We came back when her husband was home, and they let us right in! They explained how none of the churches they were raised in had the Spirit. They also explained how they wanted to be closer as a couple and family. We even got to help them say a prayer for the first time together. They accepted to be baptized, and expressed how they felt like Joseph Smith. They are sinking their teeth into the Book of Mormon and we will be seeing them on Saturday! It was an amazing day! We found a family I know we were supposed to find out here in Cassville! Labron, the Husband mentioned how much he already respected us because of us not stepping into his home without him there! Obedience brings blessings!! 
My name tag totally broke as I put it on one day. I lost my other one helping our investigator move back in Kennesaw Mountain. Might I say, super glue works miracles! It has held up pretty well since though!
We were able to meet again with our investigator Rosie. She totally opened up even more, we even got to see pictures of her recently passed away husband. I looked at him and I knew that she needs to get baptized and start her temple work. I think that would bring her more peace than anything in this world. She was in tears as we discussed the Gospel and how it brings us together for eternities. We just need to get her to church now. Her life will be forever changed!
That is about all I can muster up today! Thanks for all the time and effort spent in emailing! I love you all so much! I wish a most miraculous and amazing week for everyone of you! Have a blessed up one! Fight the good fight of faith! I will look forward to hearing from everyone in a week’s time!

Elder Dallan Barnes

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