Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2nd
The snow strikes again!
My family! My people! It is Monday again! It is so crazy how much time is flying by! It sounds like out there in Utah got less snow than out here! Families still need the gospel! It was a week for the books! A good entry or two in the journal, and many good memories of being snowed on out here in Georgia!  The Gospel is so true, in case you were wondering! 
Most certainly the snow was a high point of the week! We did all of the essentials, namely a snow angel, a snow ball fight, and it wouldn’t be complete without doing donuts in the parking lot. Let’s just say that our bikes were no exception! We kept warm, found and taught many wonderful families, then made our cold and lonesome voyage home, to celebrate in our labors with the quintessential cup of hot chocolate! How great is this calling!
The one miracle to tie everything up would be our investigator Todd Harrison! He has come to church three times now! We had the chance to do some service with a member of the ward, to help him straighten up his living situation! He explained to us that, “I know there is something different about your church. I can feel it! And I like it!” He has suffered so much, it being heartbreaking to hear his story about his wife leaving after twenty nine years, then his house burning down. We are teaching him tonight in the same member’s home, the Anglins! It was amazing to see everything pan out the way it has, and the ward is wrapping their arms around him! 
Our investigator Rosie finally got feeling well enough to see us! She had many questions as her curiosity and her misinformed friends filled her with false information. She told us that she wasn’t going to let us back in. As she prayed about it, God told her that, “You need to listen to them, what they have will change your life.” The Lord answers prayers! She even bought shoes to come to church in! Something came up with her family, so she didn’t make it, but it was a tender mercy to us, and a testimony builder that the Lord does still inspire men and women in these days, and that the Holy Ghost will lead the honest seeker of truth down the paths of righteousness! 
The adversary totally found his way into our plans for the Sutton’s this week! We had a member coming out with us on Tuesday invite them over to dinner. On Saturday we had his son in law coming with us to teach them and confirm plans. This is an amazing family and we were so thrilled! Labraun actually had things come up with work and has to stay in Tennessee this past weekend and this whole week. He lost his phone too. They didn’t make it to church, but they are recognizing that they are on the right path, because Satan has totally thwarted four weeks of effort to come to church! It is a miracle in disguise, because Elder Kopishcke is coming to Stake Conference! We can put our money on the Lord’s anointed!

We got hit with a lot of opposition this week, many people not being interested, and not having kinds words attached with it. The Lord is leading us, we are not discouraged, but more eager to find those that are out there! The only reason we are here on the earth, all of us, right now, is because we need to gather Israel! It’s an amazing thought! Hymn #60, says, “Let us live to make men free.” That is something that we are taking to heart out here! 
That is a wrap right there! Thanks for all that you do for me! Please be safe in the snow! Know that y’all are my greatest joy and glory! I love you all so much! Keep fighting the good fight of faith, finish the course! Have a blessed up week!

Elder Dallan Barnes 

The Heart Heals from inside out.

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