Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9th 2015
Springing Forward!
Day light savings time is a love-hate holiday. Personally, I think it should be Devils Light Savings, or Day Light Satan’s time. Thankfully, the Lord provided naps. Those are definitely ordained of Him! After all, He did rest on the seventh day! I hope everyone is rebounding from the sleep deficit. Don’t worry though, in due time, we will get that lost hour back. Some blessings come soon, some don’t come until November, others might not come until Heaven, but they will make it to us eventually! At least Spring is coming right up! It got in the mid 70’s this week, and then plummeted to the 20’s. That is so Georgia! Let me tell you about this week! 
A big miracle of ours this week revolves around Rosie! On our way home from Zone Conference, she explained over the phone, that she was extremely depressed. It was a rough day in total, as she pondered on the death of her husband and ex-husband. She had ran out of medication, and told us she had been having very depressed thoughts. Elder Terhufen bore down in pure testimony and we plotted on how we could help her. We decided to get some flowers at Kroger and a card as well. We were going to pay for the flowers and card and used the Book of Mormon barcode to get the Kroger discount (don’t believe me, go and try it!). The baffled cashier and customer behind us asked about the Book. We explained a little and as we were trying to split the bill for the flowers, the wonderful lady behind us offered to buy the items. She was an angel! We explained what it was all for and she herself got a little teary. It is the little things that matter. She now has had one more experience with the church, where down the road, missionaries will meet her and she will be ready! There is hope for humanity! The light of Christ is shed abroad here in Georgia! She made it to Stake Conference and got the chance to speak with Elder Kopischke of the Seventy! President Harding called and invited her to come to stake conference. We followed up daily. The Spirit softened her heart! She almost backed out Sunday morning, saying she wasn’t feeling good. We prayed, asked for a miracle, then Elder Terhufen texted her to take some medicine because this meeting will change her life! God gave the increase & she made it!! Mission impossible turned possible with the Lord’s help! 
I want to take the time and point out the reason why we should change the name for Day light savings to the aforementioned names at the beginning of the letter. The Sutton’s slept in because of it; they were set for Stake Conference. It was all about the Restoration! The Lord was very merciful because we were able to have them in a member’s home for dinner! The Spirit in Member’s homes is powerful! They are so going to be baptized! It is just a matter of time! Labraun will be in town for the next two weeks! They want to feed us on Wednesday too! I know this is a family that I was sent here to find, they will be in the temple in a years’ time.
We got the chance to teach Todd as well, with a member, in the Member’s Car! It was a first for me personally, but it worked out really well. We spoke of facing adversity and building a foundation of faith that will enable him to endure. We pointed out the Book of Mormon and its role in our foundation, it being the keystone, and Jesus Christ being the very chief corner of it. He promised to read and pray about it. Then if the Lord revealed its truth, he would be baptized. It was an amazing lesson and the member we had, Bro. Rodke has a testimony of the Book of Mormon I rarely see, more often one that converts have. It was divinely appointed to say the least. He didn’t make it to Stake Conference, but I know that the light of the Gospel will transcend any form or mist of darkness! 
At the conclusion of our week, all I can say is how I feel like Ammon, relishing in the blessings of the Lord. He asks his brethren, “What great blessings has he bestowed upon us? Can ye tell?” I don’t know if any one of us can truly tell all of the blessings we receive. I am ever so grateful for all the blessings the Lord sees fit to bless me with! The ones I see and the ones I am not aware of. Truly, he is in the details, of all of our lives. If he has the love and patience to listen to us, how much greater need have we to be patient and loving to those around us. I hope y’all know how incredibly blessed I am to have y’all in my life! It has made all of the difference, whether it has been apparent or not as apparent! Thank you so much again! I love you all so very much! 

Elder Dallan Barnes
 This is no fairytale, The Restoration is Reality.

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