Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16th
Luck of the Barnes!
Essentially, what I am trying to get at, is that if we don’t have bad luck, we don’t have luck at all. Well, some might say that landing a back flip on the air chair was luck, but I beg to differ. Some would say that is was luck that I can eat the most French toast or Tucano’s , once again, beggingly differ! Some might be even farfetched enough to say that it was luck we all ended up together, but that is far from truth! God put us all together! I am so blessed to have a wonderful family and group of friends in my life! As Buck Mendenhall always told us, “Luck is when preparation meets and opportunity.” What an opportunity! What a wonderful life! Thank you very much for the email! Let me give you the collision on how we have been “lucky” this week!
The only pre-St Patrick’s Day Pinch was the one that I gave myself to see if this was reality! Georgia is one grand place! The weather was pristine this week, well, outside of the rain. It is fixing to be warm this week, which means oodles of people outside! We were blessed to find over twenty new people to go teach this past week! God gave the increase! 
Friday the 13th, I bent my back rim really bad. No, I am not putting on weight! I hit a curb at a wrong angle. We found out that you can tinker with the spokes to tighten and loosen them! The things you learn while in the service of God! That was about as freaky as it got on that day. 
The Sutton’s didn’t make it to church…. However, they did invite us to knock on their door in the morning to awake them. They invited, and we will deliver! We may or may not by a blow horn at Walmart today. We won’t start out with that either. We will begin by knocking, then scratching the windows with our finger nails, then somehow get a rooster into their house, Yodeling belligerently (Elder Terhufen is German, it comes naturally to him), and if all else fails, we will call the ambulance and fire department. They are going to make it to church by golly! They did feed us a wonderful meal Sunday Evening. And they want to make us some fajitas on Wednesday! They truly are incredible!! Labraun got a new coworker, so he is very pleased with that. The tender mercies of the Lord are over all those that put their faith in Him! 
Rosie had a killer toothache and needed to go to the hospital. Thankfully Todd straggled in to church for Priesthood! The adversary will not win this battle! 
One quick miracle for y’all today! It seems like everywhere we went this week the Jehovah’s Witnesses had already been there just prior. We got kicked out of a neighborhood; the Landlord wasn’t kind at all and had us mistaken. We had an appointment with a family, we weren’t tracting! I testify!! We had appointments scheduled with our Ward Mission Leader and his wife. The Lord lovingly rerouted our plans, by allowing things to fall through. We took to the streets to go see a Less Active Returned Missionary. Quickly found out that he moved. As we were reconciling our plans, since the primaries and backups fell through, Elder Terhufen pointed out a gentleman sitting on his porch. We spoke with him, come to find out that he and his wife were wanting to join a church. We hadn’t really achieved Goal Zero until this family, which was Saturday Evening. It was amazing to me that the Lord provided us a way to reach the people we were supposed to! He will always lead us and guide us; our task is to stay humble and receptive to the quiet promptings of the Holy Ghost.  
Well, I am fresh out of things to say! Well, aside from this, make sure to find the color blind person, and pinch them incessantly. St. Patrick’s would be the worst day for the color blind community. But, fight the good fight! Thanks for all that you do for me! I love you all so very much! Keep the faith and have one blessed up week! 
Elder Dallan Barnes

As we provide our will, He will make the Way.

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