Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 23
Officially Spring!
As of Friday, Spring is here! Many showers are bringing forth many flowers! The trees are blossoming; it is truly a sight to behold! Georgia is much prettier in the Spring, you have to see it to believe it. I might also add that it is different in Cartersville than Decatur, for apparent reasons!  It has done a whole lot of raining and also a whole lot of sun shining! What an amazing time to be alive! Let me catch you up on the details! 
I am sad to say that not even the yodeling helped the Sutton’s this week. They had a family outing come up in which they met with Labraun’s grandmother to meet her newest grandchild. It isn’t like bad things are getting in the way, but the Adversary is finding a way every week to get them away from the Lord’s Kingdom. We will be getting those Fajitas this week though! We are reinstituting operation Subtle Satan Subdual to Solidify Sutton’s Sacrament Status. It is the real deal! They are doing very well though! It has been such an answer to prayers to have Labraun get a new boss. They are going to be writing up a paper on 3rd Nephi 11 to present to us, they asked for the assignment!
 Our miracle was that of our investigator, Janet. She committed to come to church three weeks ago. We have maintained contact with her over this time, teaching her probably about once a week. When Sunday rolled around, all of our investigators had fallen through on their commitments to come to church. We hadn’t heard from Janet either. Until at 8:55 that we got a text from her asking, “I am on my way. Could you two meet me at the entrance, please?” My heart jumped and my joy shot upwards! She stayed for all of church and loved every minute of it, even testifying in classes! She then desired to meet with us more regularly and to get her teenage boys involved with the lessons! It is truly a miracle! It wasn’t until after the trial of our faith that we saw it. God is a god of miracles!
Todd is on the cusp of being baptized. He explains that he is close and is seeking for just a little more of a nudge to be baptized! His divorce is done and through now so we can really hone in on the teaching! The Lord will provide him with what he needs as he follows the commandments!
 Rosie also explained that she is right on that edge of baptism! She really wants it! She does though want her life to get into a little more order to help her get over the grief. The Savior can help her overcome it! Surely he has born all of our grief! He triumphed over it! He is risen!! We are excited to help her progress onward!
March Madness, Dad! I can’t say enough of it, Go UTES! 
Well that is a wrap! Thank you again for all the emails, prayer, and love! I really and truly appreciate it! I wish everyone the best week ever! Even the most blessed up one yet! Fight the good fight! Let us live to make men free! Love you all so much! We’ll catch you next week!
Elder Dallan Barnes
No one defines you but your Heavenly Father.

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