Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 6
Happy Easter!
Isn't it incredible to glory and rejoice in Christ’s victory over everything we experience?! It was a fantastic weekend for us out here in the grand land of Cartersville! It’s the place to be… Said no one ever. Except the Lord, He told me that this was the place for me these past three months. Heck He even told Elder Terhufen that too! Spring is fully in swing, the pollen is collecting on the cars (and suit coats when we mistakenly lean against the car). I hope all y’all had a wonderful Easter Weekend and that Spring break is being enjoyed to the fullest measure! Let me run you through the ropes from our experience out here! 

The most pressing news on the block, Christ Lives! But also, we got the transfer news this morning. I will be leaving the wonderful Cassville Ward. It is so bittersweet! I am really good at sowing apparently, I am just not a reaper, and neither am I grim. All I know is that I will be transferring and completing the 2nd Half Training (second transfer) Training of a new missionary. So stay tuned! I know that I was supposed to serve here! I have seen all too many miracles and made many friends! God is at the helm of this work and the Helm of our lives, if we will allow Him to!  

General Conference was Dynamite! I hope everyone got what they needed from the voices of the Prophets and Apostles, also the Spirit too! It was my last one as a missionary. General Conference is truly a spiritual feast, a buffet even, free of charge and you can never overeat! That is the kind of value that I yearn for! By the end of all the sessions, I felt in a small measure what the Nephites must have felt when the Savior taught and instructed them. There is so much that I have to work on and change! Thankfully, we all have the Savior’s help in becoming like Him, as we live and cherish the principles and ordinances of perfection; His Gospel. His victory over everything negative empowers me to overcome my challenges. His grace is sufficient for all men, and His strength is made perfect in weakness! Our salvation is not purchased, not one jot nor tittle, with our obedience! We are to obey out of love, to give Him all that we are, have, and desire! Heaven’s gates have been unlocked and are open by Christ’s infinite and eternal Atonement! The Windows of Heaven are open! We can receive every good thing through the gift and power of the Holy Ghost! The bar has been raised; mediocrity is not something to be found in the Lord’s church. Average is the enemy of excellence! This is the line that encapsulates what I have taken away from General Conference! I cannot settle I cannot turn back; I cannot even yearn to go back, I cannot nor will not sell myself short of my divine potential. The Gospel is to change us from good to better, better to best, not so we can return to subpar expectations, but so we can become even as our Father in Heaven is; Perfect. This applies to me now as I fulfill my calling as a missionary. This applies to me in the future as a father. This applies well into the eternities! I am so grateful for High Expectations! Every Day, All Day we need to uphold and strive to reach the Lord’s standards! He has given us every opportunity to do such and the means, by which it is possible, namely, His Only Begotten Son!

Todd is moving along super well! We have taught almost all the commandments and he will be baptized on the 18th of April! It seems to me that I connect really well with funny people and he has quite the sense of humor! As we were discussing the Word of Wisdom he was threatening to lure us in to riotous living, even though he had no such contraband!              
We went through some major downs and ups with the Suttons. They were on the very ledge of getting a divorce. We prayed so hard and we got the ward and the District to pray with us for a miracle. It suffices me to say that we pulled down the powers of Heaven. Divorce got aborted and they were going on date night for the first time in a while. Brandi told us that she wasn’t able to find the Family Proclamation pamphlet we gave her so she went online, printed it, and read it at the conclusion of the date night! Miracles do happen!! 
Rosie is currently doing well! She keeps absorbing what we have to teach! She is praying for a baptism on the 25th of April! Her health needs to clear up some. We have plans to teach her about priesthood blessings, then giving her one!

Well that is a wrap! God is good! Thanks for the email and the love! I really and truly am the greatest benefactor of loving family and friends! I wish everyone the best and safe travels this week and weekend! I love you all so very much! Have an amazing week! Fight the good fight, have a blessed up one! Hear from y’all next Tuesday, let’s make it a date!

Elder Dallan Barnes

Daily Discipleship Determines Eternal Destiny!

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