Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27th 2015
Give us this Mountain!
What in the world, it is almost May! There has been plenty of showers, so we find it reasonable to say that there should be May Flowers! Georgia comes to life in the Spring! It feels like I am in a forest/jungle, or that I am camping. But this is a frillion times better than any camping trip I have been on! This is eternal life! The work of the Lord! This week was long and trying, but it was well worth it! I am praying and hoping everyone’s week went as well as ours! 
The biggest miracle came by way of Elder Shepherd Teaching the Law of Chastity to our investigator family. With Bro. Buck on hand, he was able to set a date for baptism, but prior to that, a date for marriage. Namely, this Sunday at 6:00 Pm. The Ward is rallying around them with the crunch time preparation, but it is truly incredible to see everyone so lovingly helping this young family that wants a change. Dresses, cakes, decorations, etc. everyone is chipping in! Eric and Monica are wonderful people! They came to church for the first time and met with the Bishop. They got their marriage license in one day. Their young child’s future will forever be changed! This is the work of the Lord, undoubtedly! 
We were able to confer the Aaronic priesthood to our Recent Convert, David! It was a really powerful experience! He lit up completely! Bishop Nolden dropped by with a shirt and tie for him, then invited his Mom. She came and had a wonderful experience! In addition to this, we had 7 total investigators at church with us! It was a busy day, but it was so much fun!
I was on exchange out in Centerville, and I had something that I thought I wouldn’t have until returning to Utah. J-Dawgs Sauce. That is a miracle right there! But on top of that, Elder Zimmerman and I taught some incredible lessons! We found two people that accepted to be baptized and had an intense lesson with a man named Bishop. He told us that he already knew the Book of Mormon was true! He asked what was next. Well Baptism of course! Also, after a long day of finding, it seemed the only thing we found were doors without people behind them. We were led to a door and out came a younger woman that, upon finding out, hadn’t been baptized! Of course it was the last door! There are miracles all around us if we will but have faith to see them! 
The Conyers Zone is incredible! We had 5 baptisms and taught 214 Member Present Lessons. Our goal was 225! Being a missionary is where it is at!
My companions are incredible! We get along so well! This has been some of the funnest time as we are all united in purpose with the work! Elder Shepherd is a hoot and Elder Anderson too!
We are going to have to call a time out at this point! Thanks for the letter and prayers! Thanks for all that you do behind the scenes! I love you all so much! You mean the world to me! Fight the good fight! Have a blessed up week! I will hear from y’all right quick!

Elder Dallan Barnes 
“We’re kickin’ A….dversary!” President Harding
“Happiness is the foundation of a great smile.” 

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