Monday, April 13, 2015

Re: Spring Break Houston s

April 13th

There’s no day, like Today!

What an incredible day to still be above the ground! I have heard though, that Georgia Clay is good for the pores, you may have to check me on that. Regardless, it is an immense privilege and treat to see a full inbox of emails! It warms my heart! The gospel is true, in case you were wondering! I have some pretty stellar news to run at you, so without further adieu here’s the week in a nutshell!                          
So, I am not sure how much got out and about, tossed and whirled around, but I have been officially relocated to Conyers, Georgia. The place that I have always referred to as, “The Dirty Con.” It is such a wonderful corner of the world! The Church is smaller, the smallest ward I have served in, but the Church Members are strong. I know this is the place for me, it simply feels right! The earth shattering news, that  you probably felt the tremors on the mission facebook page, is that I am serving with Elder Anderson (who reminds me so much of Greg Lindeman) and also Elder Shepherd! Mom, you totally called it that I would be training him! What an opportunity! It has been some of the most fun I have had since I have been serving, quite possibly the most fun I have had ever! My companions are incredible!
The weather is heating up! It got into the 80’s, too hot. Also, my clothing is finally starting to wither away. I have ripped my pants and broken some buttons, even had the hemming come out on my high quality Ross Special Pants. I am not putting on weight though, Dad, I know that matters to you, because I can still take you!
One quick miracle, as we were engaged in a service project put together by the Ward to clean up downtown Conyers, we were picking up trash for a few hours. We spoke with many people along the way, but there was one that we had to speak with. His name was Ruben. Come to find out, he graduated from Jackson State University in Mississippi, played football there, served in the National Guard, and just moved here a week ago with his brother and was searching for a church. We taught and testified that God’s greatest gifts were now available. Right then and there we invited him to be baptized and he accepted the date of May 9th. We are ecstatic to follow up and teach him how he can be happy for forever! Many are placed in our paths, it is up to us to have the courage to trust the Lord and reach out to others as he would!
Many miracles are happening these days! I don’t know all of the people we are teaching, but there are many that are on the verge of the font! One crazy miracle was that I saw Jared Laufiso, from UVU Rugby! He is married! It was such a miracle that we crossed paths. Of all the places to see him, Conyers Georgia! He is going to put a picture on the UVU Rugby Facebook Page!
That is a wrap! Thanks again for all that y’all do for me! Love you so very much! Fight the good fight! Have a blessed up week! Love you all so much! 
Elder Dallan Barnes
He Lives!

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