Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4th 2015
Happy Cinco de Mayo!
What do you called four men standing on quick sand? Yes, you guessed it! Quatro Cinco! What a wonderful day to be alive and well! It is May! May first is May Day! When I think of Mayday I think of someone calling out “Save us”. So if you think of the Word “Hosanna”, it means “save us now”. Hosanna be to God! I am still convinced that Georgia is far superior as the place to be right now! Let me tell you about the fiestas that have been had! 
Our biggest miracle this week was easily the marriage that the ward put together in one and a half weeks for our investigators Eric and Monica. It was a special experience to see the fruit of the gospel so strikingly displayed! They are so eager for their baptism here in the next two weeks! They have goals to quit smoking this week! We had their whole family together in the church and they were touched by the generosity and the love that was shown. This is the beginning of something amazing!
 Other miracles were the fact that we had the privilege of traveling down to the mission home to be with President and Sister Harding, and the Mission Council! It is always a special experience to be in their midst, they are true representatives of Christ!
It was the first time that I have ever had the chance to put together a Zone Training Meeting, this past week! We knew Tuesday, got the details Wednesday, planned it for Thursday, ran it on Friday! It was a powerful experience to be with our Zone Family! These missionaries are incredible! At the beginning of the week, we weren’t expecting any baptisms, at the end, we had three! Unshaken Faith, coupled with exact obedience brings miracles! We were dead after it was all done! But it was so worth it! We had a Joseph Smith Experience as we unconvered a box of Book Of Mormons in the woods behind the trees! We also did a special musical number together, Somehow I will have to get it to y’all! In the Book of Mormon’s we had every missionary write one thing they want to get rid of in their life and one attribute of Christ to acquire through their studies!
Oh, and Todd Harrison was baptized Saturday! Elder Terhufen is getting the work done in Cassville!
Please, please, keep fighting the good fight of faith! I hope the Lord will bless all y’all abundantly! Have a super blessed up week! I love you all so much! Be safe! I will see you in six days via Skype!!

Elder Dallan Barnes 

I can’t do perfect, but I can do faithful.

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