Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 27
Happy Memorial Day Indeed!
I am not even sure where to begin past that! What I must say is that I am truly grateful for those souls that have passed in defense of this wonderful country! They enable us to do what we do every day! Freedom is not cheap! Religious Freedom is incredible! We can proselyte and share the amazing news of the Gospel and its Restoration! This is one blessed land! 
In Georgia, I have come to the knowledge that when it rains, it pours. Good for plants, but for white shirts and ties, less than ideal! Let me tell you what though, I think the rain is connected with the windows of heaven, because blessings were poured out on those rainy days! The first being safety! These lightning storms are fantastic! I also heard we got these storms from Houston… Thanks Dad!  
My newest companion is Elder Hanson! He is from Cedar City, Utah! He is quite country and wrestled! I tell you what, he is one of the hardest working humble missionaries companions I have had! Good things are at our finger tips here in Conyers! Elder Anderson, he’s practically dead, as we call missionaries that are graduating to the next mission. He is fighting hard! I have been blessed with two of the finest companions in the mission!  
Usually by this point, I have a good idea about what I would like to share from the week. There has been so many miracles, I don’t know where to begin. They haven’t been earth shattering miracles, but they have been miracles nonetheless! Memorial Day was magnificent! The Ward put together a party and we had several of our investigators there! 
I think the miracle that jumps out to me, stems from our Memorial Day feat! We had prayed, planned, and put together where we felt the Lord needed us. As we were on this one street, we felt nudged to go to this specific door. This was the one we needed to knock. Out came a man, Jimmy (yes he was thinking with his dipstick) who explained that he had been praying for help. He was searching for a church home for his family, four daughters and his wife. His wife was recently diagnosed with a terminal lung disease. He had a stroke early last year. He is working his tail off to make things meet, then we showed up! He accepted to be baptized! We will be teaching his family on Friday! God works through us to do His work. I am so thankful for that opportunity!
That is a wrap! Thanks for tuning in! That’s all for today folks! Please keep smiling, keep loving life, keep enjoying to the end! Love you all so much! Thanks for the support, love, and prayers! Fight the good fight, have a blessed up week! I will hear from y’all soon enough!

Elder Dallan Barnes

“You always got good reception with God.”

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