Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1
The Time has Come!
The time came quickly too! It was almost as if I was emaling a few days ago! Who would have thunk?! The week has been well! I am glad to hear that all is well on the home front also! Miracles are coming forth even more! This rain, I tell you what, there is something in it! One of the biggest miracles we have enjoyed has been safety! The Lord is very mindful of his servants! I know that to be true! Every day is an adventure and I am thankful for every single one of them!
We may or may not have broken the Word of Wisdom. Not intentionally! A member offered to buy us some ice cream after we had seen some people. It was getting close to closing time for us missionaries and I spied some ice cream at Kroger that looked so appetizing! It was chocolate, with chocolate swirls, cookie dough, and oreos! It was called “Double Dunker”. When we made it home that night, I made it through a full bowl of it, it hit the spot that some would say couldn’t be hit! Elder Hanson loved it too! Elder Anderson makes it two bites in and tastes something odd. Upon further inspection, he discovers that there is coffee in it. On the front of it there is a big coffee cup with a oreos and chocolate chip cookies being dunked into it… We’ve repented… 
The Miracle of the week was the chance that we had to follow up on the family of six we found on Memorial Day, the Donat (I know, it’s a funny name) family! We have taught them three times now, all with members present! They were set to come to church, but they all woke up ill that day. They’ve met Bishop Nolden too! The girls are the best! They all expressed desires to be baptized! They left us with three drawings of Jesus Christ! The gospel will totally change their trajectory in this life and the next!
It saddens me to see Elder Anderson giving up the Ghost, so to speak! I am certainly going to miss him! He is a good example of how to finish strong through the mission! He is going to kill it back at home with football and school, while me and Elder Hanson fill some big shoes!
That is an official wrap! Thanks for all that y’all have done for me! Thanks for the time spent emailing! I look forward to hearing how things on the home front are! Keep smiling! Keep enjoying! Keep being amazing! Fight the good fight of faith this week! Have a blessed up one! I will hear from y’all soon enough!

Elder Dallan Barnes
“That’s thunder. See you later suckers!” Four year old boy we talked to just before a storm. 

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