Friday, June 26, 2015

June 22
Mi Familia y Amigos!
Some people out there may wonder how do we sleep when our beds are burning, yes, in case you were wondering, Nyquil of course. Thankfully everything but our beds were burning! It was a retreat to come back to the apartment and indulge on some popsicles! Three digit degrees are happening here in A town! Too hot for me! We survived, thrived,  and strived! Miracles were wrought this week, this Father’s Day week! Happy Father’s Day to all those Father’s and Father Figures out there! Let me outline the week!
Transfer news: I will be remaining in place and so will Elder Hanson! We will not be getting a new companion with us. Kind of saddening, I was hoping to train one more son here in the great Georgia Atlanta Mission! What is also crazy is that the Harding’s are on the way out! We get our New Mission President come Monday! The Harding’s are legendary people! I love them so much! They have helped me so much to become who I am now! I owe so much to them! I hope y’all can meet them, maybe even make it to their homecoming! 
The Miracle of the week had to of come around as we were finding 10 minutes before meeting up with a member! We went to a house where people were outside and began speaking with them! Three families were there and we had the opportunity to teach all of them, set return appointments with, and leave a blessing with them. They all have been looking for a church home to go to! They haven’t found a church that fits them! Chanelle, Kiesha, and Charlie and all of their families are reading the Book of Mormon now and are wanting to be baptized! They even asked us after the teaching when they could be baptized next! Surely the Lord is preparing many! Too, through, and on our way to members is ordained of God!
We also found another young lady, Chaniel, from Jamiaca! As we were driving by, we felt inspired to go speak with her as she was sitting outside. She is in her early 20’s, has two kids, and has been in the States for 2 Years. She expressed to us how she wants to come closer to God and she has seen how her life has decayed as she hasn’t been putting God first. She was in tears and told us that she would be a member of our church soon! We are all reaching for our Heavenly Father, it is such an honor to represent Him and be the means to get others to him! She will be baptized in August!
We had been praying and asking Heavenly Father for more people to teach. He delivered, and when it rained, it poured! We found 27 new people to begin teaching this week! Every time we turned around, there were more people! We were in the right place at the right time! Miracles come to the faithful!! We are excited to see these new people progress! Isn’t it crazy how much God trusts us with?
This is about all she wrote. Well, he, what a dumb saying. Thanks for staying tuned! Thanks for the email, prayers, and ever other little thing! I am truly grateful for all that is done in my behalf! Have an amazing week this week! Love you all so very much! Fight the good fight of faith! Endure the course! Smile a little bigger, laugh a little longer, love a little deeper! Have a blessed up week! I will hear from y’all soon! 
Elder Dallan Barnes 

What’s the difference between Heaven and Hell? A/C.

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