Saturday, July 4, 2015

June 31
Happy Independence Day!
Lake Powell, what a place to be for the Holiday! I must admit, Georgia is still better! Let me first say that while y’alls week was vacation, ours was a battle! It was a week like none other before, a week full of miracles and disappointment exhausting hours! Let me run y’all through the ropes! 
The biggest and grandest miracle of this week happened to be an expected unexpected baptism! Let me explain! Back about three months ago we were teaching a man named Robert. He is David’s, our recent convert, uncle. He has been taught for a year! He would never set a date for baptism until we got closer to his birthday. Back in April he set the date of June 28th. He disappeared two weeks later back to Alabama. Had no way to contact him either. On Tuesday, we found out that David went back to Alabama now. We were going to visit another investigator, and saw Robert walking outside! We sped over there, and he asked if he could still be baptized on the 28th! Absolutely, yes please, for sure, definitely, sir yes sir! We scrambled and put it all together and he was baptized! Another one for the Lord’s Army!! 
Another miracle of the week, besides the baptism of Robert, was a family we found recently! We were finding around the members, “Asking who do you know?” From referral to referral, we ended up at a home of a lady who had recently had a stroke. She invited us to come back in a few days! We did just that, spoke with Philicia, and she let us right in! She has six kids! As we began teaching and testifying, the kids said they had some movies about the apostles and Jesus Christ. They pulled out a copy of the Testaments! They also have a Book of Mormon and a copy of Finding Faith in Christ! They were taught by missionaries three years ago in Texas. They just moved to Georgia a few months ago! They all accepted to be baptized on the 25th of July! They do everything as a family they told us! The Lord is preparing many for us to find! The Family is ordained of God! The Gospel perfectly blessed families to the point that they can be eternal!
On Sunday, Bishop Nolden called us up with a referral! It is a family in the ward that we helped move back into the Ward a few weeks ago. They informed Bishop that their 9 year old son hasn’t been baptized yet, but has received all of the lessons! We went over there quicker than Tiny Tim would be on a Christmas Ham, talked about baptism, and Marcus wants to get baptized on the 18th of July! There are miracles reserved for the exactly obedient!
The Harding’s are on their way out! I am so thankful for all that they have done for me! They the most incredible people I have associated with! I wish them well on their journey home! They have changed who I am, the way I think, and my vision of who I can become! The Foote’s will be arriving this afternoon! We are not going to skip a beat! 
We spent seven hours in the hospital Thursday, with a fellow missionary. He has been not well for the past week and a half. While we were visiting with him on and his companion, he were kneeling in prayer and as he began to stand up, he blacked out. Rushed him to the ER, spent a good minute there! He is doing much better though! It was a miracle we were there at that time, his brand new missionary from the MTC was overwhelmed as is! The Lord certainly puts us in the places where we are needed most! 
That is just about all I have left in the tank for today! It’s been real, it’s been fun, it’s been real fun! Thanks for the email and the photos! Thanks for everything that y’all do for me! I hope the trip to Powell is accident free and full of fun, laughs, tans, much food, and no drama! I look forward to hearing from y’all soon! Have an amazing blessed up week! Fight the good fight! Love you all so much!

Elder Dallan Barnes

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