Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6
Why July, why?
What the in the wide world of sports! July is forging onward! It is not fair! Who has the remote and is fast forwarding?? It’s hot. It’s humid. But by golly, it is fantastic! This is the work of the Lord! Nothing has brought me great joy! Maybe because 95% of it is disappointment. We truly savor the every ounce of good! This week was long and trying! This much I can say though, America is one blessed and privileged land! It is reserved for those that believe, love, and trust in God! Let me give you the skinny on the week for us! 
We finally got to meet the Foote’s! They are amazing people! They are so in over their heads too! What a chance to trust in God! You can really tell that they gospel has full sway over their hearts and that they love the Lord! They are so excited to be here and share the truth! I really look up to them! It saddens me that I won’t get the chance to serve more alongside them! 
Fourth of July Festivities. They included, finding, teaching, and not quite baptizing yet! We had a great dinner with Bro. Rasmussen. He fired of $500 worth of fire works. They were mortars in essence. Loudest and biggest fireworks I have seen fired by a civilian! We had our Recent Convert there too. He wouldn’t run away from them once he lit them. We were convinced he would lose an eye. It was a lot of fun! We also had tin foil dinners. It has been a minute since I had those! They turned out awesome too! Better than I remember them!
The miracle of the week actually took place yesterday! We were on a split and I was with our Bishop. He felt inspired to go see a certain family in the ward, of which had recently baptized grandchildren. They wouldn’t have let is in if we didn’t have our Bishop there. They explained the agony and turmoil they were in. Their grandson was just barely put into Juvenile Detention and they were struggling as the guardians for him. Moments like this, to see others in such pain cite my mind to what our Savior experienced. He felt exactly what they are feeling. Thankfully He is the way that they can be healed and made whole! I shared Mosiah 27 and they committed to having us by weekly to visit them and their grandson when he gets back. There is such power to the Spirit and Book of Mormon! They are our best tools in conversion! 
Couple of funny things that happened. We were waiting in the apartment office to drop something off. Brittney Spears came on the radio. All I can say is that she does not have the Spirit, my spirit was dulled and my vision lowered. Someone needs to baptize her. Our Indian neighbors told us we were too loud around 11:00 PM. We are getting ready for bed at 11:00 PM. Some people!
That is all I have for you! Let freedom ring this week! Fight the good fight of faith! Have another blessed up week! Keep smiling and enjoying life to the fullest! I promise you I will be doing the same out here in Georgia! Love you al so much! I will hear from y’all in a week’s time!

Elder Dallan Barnes
“Hey best friend!” Mark, a child of one of our Investigators
“Obedience is the blessing.” President Foote

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