Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13
This just in…
The miracles are still happening, the rain is still pouring,  and the missionaries are still sweating. What is new you may ask? The most recent developments are as follows!
We received a new companion on Wednesday this week. Elder Beckstead had to return home to seek medical treatment. It was sad to see him go because he is an excellent missionary. God is at the helm of this work and our lives! We received his companion, Elder Lamb, and will be working the Conyers Ward and the Covinton Ward. Can you talk about opportunities?! Our work was cut out for us before, then it got added too. Six Kneaders French Toast pale in comparison the challenge at hand! It is going to be awesome though, to say the least! I am pretty sure after all this time, it’s not my companions, it’s me! I was a problem from the beginning! Elder Lamb is from Bountiful and a very sincere and loving man! I have already learned so much from him!
The miracle of the week came on Sunday. We had scheduled some time to do some finding around some of our current investigators. We prayed in faith that the hearts and doors of many would be opened. The first door we knocked on, no one was home, which was strange seeing how there were three minivans in the drive way. We moved quickly to the next door. We met Kenny, who asked us to come back and teach him how his family of four could be eternal! He sent us to his next door neighbor, Harold, who just recently moved in. He asked us to pray for him and his family. At 23 years old, he has struggled greatly, but escaped his environment and is moving more towards a real family of his own. He accepted to be baptized on the 8th of August! Missionaries even taught him back when he was living in Virginia! We jumped back into the car enthused about the lives that we were touching. As we pulled away, we saw a man sitting on his front porch. Never delay a prompting! We got out, asked what we could help him with. He broke down in tears. He has three kids and a wife, just lost his job, and is struggling due to the financial tension. We called down the powers of heaven, of which he was touched and invited us back. He has never been baptized and knows he needs to. God blesses us immediately when we do what he asks. This is the Lord’s Church and he is entitled to blessings that can be found no where else! These people were the miracle for us, but I know that more so than ever, we were a miracle to them! God is mindful of us all! 
We have a baptism coming this week. The only problem is that Marcus has been out of town all last week. It will be another scramble to get the items ironed out, but it will be awesome! What happens in the Con stays in the Con. God will help us ensure that this happens, because He wants it more than any of us do! He really loves us!
We had our Mission Council at the Mission Home on Friday. The Foote’s are amazing people! They are also some of the highest caliber of people I have met! They shined our shoes even. Talk about serving us! It is so easy to feel their love. Being a mission president and wife would be a stressful calling, but they are doing amazing! 
The other highlight of the week (sorry, I cannot compete with Sports Center, no top 10 here). We saw the struggling fourteen year old young man, Bryson. He is going through a real struggle in knowing and seeing God’s hand in his life. He has a good heart! Elder Hanson shared the most powerful experience with him. You could see Bryson being shaken to the core. We will be having dinner with the family and seeing them weekly! It is crazy how much people really look up to missionaries! 
That is a wrap for today’s update! The work is moving forward! Not a better place to be than Conyers, Georgia! Keep fighting the good fight! Keep smilling, and enjoying every moment! Have a blessed up week this week! Love you all so very much! Thanks for everything you do for me!

Elder Dallan Barnes

Look for that miracle!

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