Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18th
Look what we have here!
My family! Friends! It’s good to be back! It’s good to be back in black (on the inside)! What’s also convenient is the fact that those short sleeve shirts that you sent, Mom, they fit! It is sure heating up here in the South! Is humidity good for your skin and hair? Along with how many licks it will take to get to the center of the tootsie pop, the world may never know these things! Here is what I do know and know for a surety! That God lives! Jesus is the Christ! Miracles happened this week! I hope they have been abundant back on the western half of the continent! 
Our week was hectic! I was on exchange two days of the miracle mania! It was all totally worth it as Eric and Monica were baptized this weekend!! It was a special experience to see them begin listening, to being married, to being baptized and confirmed! They are now in the gate and on the path which leads to their happy ever after, if they prove faithful and endure well! I would trade everything to help one soul come unto Christ. We were blessed with two, and oh how great my joy is! These souls are precious unto me and the Lord! Amidst all of the stress around planning a baptism, we had an excellent week and we are now licking our chops as to who the Lord needs next! Elder Shepherd, in the font, with the Priesthood. Need I say anymore?! 
The transfer news, it’s disheartening. Elder Shepherd will be departing… The Lord has huge things in store for him, that is for dang sure! He will make a huge impact in the lives of many wherever the Lord will take him! We have a feeling of where he is going, but what does it matter. We are called to serve God! I will be getting a new companion and Elder Anderson will be departing on June 3rd. Crazy stuff I tell you! Does real life change this quick and this much??
While I was in Stockbridge on an exchange we had a miracle of miracles! We were visiting a Less Active Member. To begin with, she had been battling her own emotional battles and asked for a blessing. We gladly gave her one. The ensuing events were astounding. We met her son’s girlfriend who had been really hurting spiritually. When I see people in that state of anguish it beckons my mind to our Savior, He felt that, He felt it all! She asked for a blessing and we also gladly gave her one! Immediately her countenance changed, the first words she said was, “I felt my burdens get lifted.” We explained  to her how she can access that power daily, by being baptized. She accepted a date to be baptized on June 20th, wrote it in her Book of Mormon, and came to church on Sunday. The Lord puts us in the right place at the right time! 
I was on exchange with Elder Richardson in Jonesboro on Tuesday as well! It was so much fun to spend another day with him! We saw so many miracles as we biked in the humid heat! The Lord provided by way of people offering us bottled water. The big miracle was as we resorted to our back up plans we met a Liberian family (just like in Kennesaw Mountain). Alfred let us right in and we taught him the Restoration with a member with us! He accepted to be baptized as well! He has a huge family! African people are the best! Faith brings the power!
That is a wrap from me! The work is good! God is good! Miracles continue to happen! Georgia is the place to be! The Church is true! Keep fighting the good fight! Have a super blessed up week! Smile a little extra! Do a little better!

Elder Dallan Barnes

“You can’t ask Heavenly Father, that’s cheating.”

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