Thursday, October 3, 2013

Another week down, yet again. I wish we had a full day to Pday, because then I could write everyone! And you know how I like writing letters, especially since I don't like doing them halfway. But let me jump into my week! It was a good week! I feel like I am getting better at this whole missionary thing. I still wonder what the secret is, but I think I know the secret. I am still hesitant to go and talk with everyone, but I am certainly opening my mouth more, and leading the door approaches. I am getting pretty good about knowing when people are lying to us. That will certainly be a skill I will use when I am older, with my kids! You were always really good about that Mom...  But it has been awesome. My thighs are never fully recovered. I can never drink enough water. The weather is really becoming more mild down here, and a few of the leaves are changing colors. I still sweat like a dog out here though, but I have to pay my dues right? We have some potential people we are hoping to drown, or baptize, which ever comes first ;) Since transfers are right around the corner, I still wonder if I will be relocated. I wonder if what I have done here is what I was supposed and now it is time to move on. I wish I could type more, but the Reader's Digest version will have to suffice, sorry :/

Last Monday, after we emailed... Let's see. We had dinner at the Stake Presidents house, and found out his wife's mom, who lives with them, is the lady that teased me about my hair. She was really sorry, but it was fine really. If there is anything I learned in my house, it was tough love. If your feelings got hurt, you got over it. We then had FHE at the Heinholds house. They really are awesome. We had a family over, recent converts but part member, from South Africa. The Pestana's. Their son, Claudio commited to be baptized on the 28th. I wish we knew him better, but then again, I want my first legit baptism to be one that I find and dunk!

Tuesday, was good. We got to teach Seminary for Sister Miller. We were up at 5:15 AM. I thought missionaries had it bad! I tried talking my companion into a small nap time, but clearly, that didn't happen. Maybe I need to be more persuasive. We taught on the Atonement, and I shared that song you sent me! It was good, but I feel like we could have improved of course. Perfectionist yet again... We had district meeting at Bishop Shell's house, and he is just the best. He even had muffins for us! He has the best mission stories.  Let me also say that the odometer is the greatest thing! I mark down the mileage in my journal. We met with a guy named Charles but he said he goes by Charles, Charlie, Char, Chaz, Chip, Chuck, etc. I think we will start using names he didn't say to see if he responds. 

Wednesday my goodness. It was tough. It poured. all. day. It was a work from the office kind of day! We didn't get out until 3:30, to hit some nearby houses. I forget how great my memory is. I memorized so much that day. I am so grateful for it! It was still raining, but my coat is incredible. Another observation I had was that there is so much roadkill out here. No, we aren't that hungry to take it home, but I wonder if that could be me someday... I hope I don't have to run over anything haha. That'd be intense! We had dinner at the Phillips house, and they are downright incredible too. They will take us to a big football rivalry game here! Hopefully we are still around for that! Everyone spoils us here. We met this guy afterwards, that bashed with us a bit too. Tag 'em and Bag 'em.

Thursday, I found out that there is a mission council and it will be only for leaders. So me and a newbie will be here in our area for the day... Freaky! I got this! But it was a good day! I got two packages! Thanks Mom! That was the best! We stopped by this black guys house and he whipped out this book on cults. And yes, there was a hearty portion on LDS people. We left pretty soon after. We had dinner at the West's house and they spoiled us too. Authentic southern BBQ. And it was divine. We played basketball with an investigator, then the following day, we got a text saying sports are only allowed on Pday... Bummer.

Friday, We had dinner at the Millers house. And they are awesome too. Seroiusly, we are there often. They are just the best people. They had this apple pie, and it was to die for! They said that their peach crisp is even better! I won't be here for peach season :(  After dinner we hit Bob Feeneys house, and I threw down. He said he will say the closing prayer next time and come to church! Hopefully we can get him in the water! 

Saturday was the baptism for Claudio and Autumn Heinhold., and it was awesome. We got to be witnesses! I did get an unofficial hug from Sister Heinhold. Such a great family and Claudio is so ready! We got to go to a pancake breakfast before hand for a fundraiser. ANother thing I have grown to love is Georgia Sunsets! They are astounding! Someday y'all will have to come out here! 

Sundays are great let me say! It is a day just to think about myself a little bit more. And it was fast Sunday too. Conference is right around the corner! I feel like a part of the ward here. They all tease me which is a sign that I fit in :)

That was my week though in a nutshell. I don't think I have time to really reply today... Know that I love you all so much! I am glad you still write me and really appreciate it. I have been there before, having to write Austin. But it really makes all of the difference! I wish I had more time to respond, but I love hearing what is happening in the 801. Please keep up the good work and keep climbing the mountain! I can't wait to hear from y'all again. Thanks for all that you do for me! Have one blessed up week fam! 

My thought: Sorrow looks back and worry looks around, but faith looks up.

Elder Barnes

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