Thursday, October 10, 2013

                                         Gorgeous.........You too Dallan!!!
                   Mom sent a miracle.....Zingers have made the sweetest comeback ever!
                                Notice the pillow divider....Dallan found this very amusing!

So we meet again! Thank you for the email and the photos! How did I ever get so blessed to have such an incredible family! Seems like all is well in your neck of the woods (although, being here in Georgia now, I wouldn't call it much of the woods out there), but you get what I am trying to say, hopefully. Snow this early, wow! We will be lucky to see snow at all here. I am going to miss it. I miss the cold, in all honesty. I miss the dryness. Although, not having to use lotion or chapstick is kind of neat. I am glad y'all got to relax for conference. Let me tell you that being in a shirt and tie at the stake center is no where near as comfortable as sweats and a shirt on the couch, eating your amazing Cheese Quiche! I hope everyone got as much as I did out of it! In all honesty, it was really weird seeing Utah. Like, that is my home, in real time! Just one of the random thoughts I had as it started. But, let me dive into my week!

Tuesday was a solid day. We helped a recent convert clean up her brothers basement. She is from Portugal but grew up in South Africa. We found out that they owned 3 Lamborghini's and 2 Ferrari's at one point. They were in the construction business and that tanked as we know... SO he consolidated to one of each. The Lambo was in the shop, so we settled on the Ferrari. How sick would that be to tract with that! We would be teaching lessons left and right! But she was so grateful. I love helping so much, honestly. I want to leave this place better than when I came into it. Just the feeling you get for helping afterwards, just makes it all worth it. The Zone Leaders were supposed to have a Blitz with us, but they had service too going on. So we didn't get together until 4:00. Then me and Elder Sandoval ran to a few houses, but no one answered. Kind of freaky being away from my comp, but refreshing to see different missionaries in action. I had my first Waffle House experience too. Those Hashbrowns are top to the notch!! We also found out that we cannot play basketball any other day besides Pday. Which sucks big time. It was a great finding tool, since we are both ath-a-letes. Yes, three syllables ;) That's how people say it round here, out in the sticks! 

Wednesday it usually a bit rough, since we have to plan the whole day out, and not have any meetings. We saw a few less actives and dropped by this one ladies house. Her name is Tena and she is going through some tough stuff. We did our blessing approach, and our prayer had her in tears. I hope we can help her in some way, because she needs it! We successfully used the bathroom trick too. Got in, Elder Savage really had to go by the way, and I chatted. It is funny seeing people open up to you. Yes, we are normal. We had dinner at the Johnson's home, and had some southern style gumbo! It was pretty darn tastey! We also had FHE and played Scriptionary. It was way fun! And yes, we won. If you ain't first, your last! 

Thursday was a freaky day. Elder Savage was going to be gone all day essentially at a mission council, and another greenie was going to be on an exchange here. My time to take the reigns, and I did just that! Elder Morales was funny. He is waiting to get to Brazil, but it was fun to have a refresher/change up. We had so many appointments, and they went pretty well. Our last one, I even got bold enough and invited my first person to Baptism after teaching the Plan of Salvation. He accepted! Fill dat font yo! The Lord was with me that day, I tell you what. That was both of our first times teaching that lesson. We will follow up this week sometime! We also got to eat at the Phillip's house and they are just awesome. They even invited their nonmember friends. They like us and trust us I suppose! 

Friday... Hmm... We ended up having to do our Weekly planning that day. So not too much went down. We had an appointment with Brother Feeney. He read the entire book of Moroni, said the Book of Mormon is the word of God, but still won't pray... Tough cookie. I don't know what he needs, but we will find it, and we kill it. We have a certain set of skills that make us angels for people like him. ;) Liam Neeson starring in a new film, Baptized. 

Saturday was absorbed by conference. Which was awesome as I said! We also had a baptism in between conference sessions. His name is Justin. Mid twenties, black young man. Elder Savage had to baptize him twice. I was a witness and it was touching. It is so crazy seeing people come out of that water, changed. That is what all of this is about. Change.

Sunday was the same story, a great one at that. We got fed breakfast here at the Carnell's. Enchilladas at the Wallaces, and Pork Chops at the Roberts. We also got the memo that one of us will be transferred. I wish conference never ended. It was so awesome!

Monday (today, if you were wondering!) we got the final judgement... Drum roll! I will be staying and Elder Savage will be a Zone Leader elsewhere.

That just about wraps up my week. Random tid bit, we didn't get to bed before midnight this whole week.. Sucks to suck. I could totally use a nap, but cannot afford the time to do so. I won't be able to respond to everyone's message. Thanks again for emailing me! I really look forward each week to hearing from y'all. That is what I love hearing, is how things are back in Sunny Alpine Utah. I wish the best for everyone this coming week! Keep sticking to it and climbing the mountain. I know you will be blessed for your efforts! I love you all so very much! Have one super blessed up, post conference high, week!

My thought: In order to be made whole, one must be broken first.
We are all broken to some extent. Or we are mended, then break elsewhere. The more we are broken, the more opportunity that our Savior has to heal us. We have weaknesses so we know where to turn. Turn Upward! 

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