Monday, October 14, 2013

                                         Saying goodbye to Elder Savage
                                         Saying hello to Elder Vandersloot
                       The Elders look so brave Fighting the Ferocious Halloween spider mom sent!
                                        (It's nice to see Dallan is working on his arachnophobia!)
Ah, you don't say. You again! Well, it is nice yet again to have another awesome day of preparation. I always get stressed because I never have enough time to do what I want. I need to be extra speedy today, the Sisters are coming to email at the house. I guess this Columbus guy was kind of important, such that they shut down the library's. How is Columbus day? Anything fun on the Agenda? And when is Day lights saving! That is a holiday for sure. An extra hour of sleep sounds dandy!! But let me dive into my week! Thanks again for writing me and I really am so super grateful for y'all slaving away every Sunday afternoon! It makes all of the difference over here! And yes, I am from the future! A whole 2 hours ;) But it counts! 
Last Pday was mighty. After I hopped off, we got fed Zaxby's by Brother Collins. Then, the Phillips took us to get sushi, for our second lunch. Yes, I tried it! It wasn't half bad really. Much better than Oysters! To conclude our evening, we were fed BBQ at the West's house. And dang oh dang. I could eat that all the time! He has won awards for his beans and ribs. I was so full at the end of the day. We also had homemade ice cream there too! Our baptism, John Steele was over and his wife was actually a Catholic nun. She worked in the Vatican translating scrolls for a few years.
Tuesday was kind of odd. It was love hate really. We kind of took the victory tour around the ward and saw some members for Elder Savage. They get to keep me.... It could be worse. The Bishop fed us this mean breakfast for district meeting. We also had a testimony meeting at the conclusion. It was pretty spiritual for sure. We had a service project for a lady named Nancy. Her husband passed away a little while ago, and her house and yard have gone to shambles. She was really impressed by us serving missions and also serving her with a smile. Service with a smile.... I have heard that somewhere. SW 4 LIFE! :)  We also stopped by our investigator's house, Charles, and threw down the restoration. He kept saying there is something special about me and a glow. He said, God told him that I would be back to teach him more. Fill dat font 4 realz tho!! We will be seeing him tomorrow. Fingers crossed. We packed all night, and got to bed at 2. Somber moment again.
Wednesday was transfer meeting! We were up at 5 to finalize everything and get out the door. The meeting is 1.5 hours away. Yes, I snoozed the whole time! I felt so out of place at the meeting. I only saw two people I knew from the MTC there. 160 missionaries out of 220 or so were there. I did get my new companion, and he is just as mighty. His name is Elder Vandersloot. Yes, I know, A mouthful. I still get the L and T mixed up sometimes. He will be 25 in November, has a twin brother, been out 19.5 months. Was just a Zone Leader in Conyers. Super genuine guy. We are pretty similar, yet different at the same time. He does like looking good, so we agree on that front! I really like him and he is super wise! I think we will be doing some good things here. We got home and unpacked, and off we went! 
Thursday was our first full day and we are still just getting along. He is just the sweetest. He reminds me of Zach. Puns and all haha. We ended our night with a "warm fuzzy", as he calls them. We just complimented each other. It was nice though! Nothing too amazing happened until the evening. We had dinner at the Holmes house, and they fed us homemade Pecan Pie. I was so impressed. I could live here.. only if I rode a bike 24/7. We caught a family we have been trying to see for a while now. We are actually going to be meeting with them again to help them with their basement. 
Friday was awesome. We hit the streets again, and boy did we see miracles. We were fasting too. A fast without water is a mighty one when on bikes! We got 3 new investigators, a referral, and this one man who just about slammed the door on us called us up the other day to come help him with his non-profit organization that helps troubled teens. He mentioned something about paintball. Count. Me. In. We also had an awesome meeting with Bob. We took the other Brother Barnes with us and they just hit if off. Bob totally opened up about what is holding him back... Family. A blessing and a curse sometimes. We will keep working on him! He knows it is true but is afraid of the repercussions. 
Saturday we had Stake Conference and Elder Evans of the 70 came. He is a mighty man indeed. We got in an also taught Allen another lesson. He is reading away at the Book of Mormon, and keeps saying it is all familiar and makes sense. I just gave a water down version of the Gospel of Christ. That was our original goal, but the Spirit directed us elsewhere. We will keep working with him and maybe get him in white ;)
Sunday was Stake Conference again. This stake is awesome, and this ward is the heart of it. I love being a part of this ward. I feel so at home and just can talk to anyone. They trust me for sure. It is so awesome being a part of something bigger than yourself. It reminds me of the Canyon Crest ward. It felt like home. I hadn't seen many of them in two weeks! We are so spoiled in this ward. The Wood family fed us BBQ as well. I am telling you, it goes down smooth every time! Utah BBQ isn't even the same.
That was my week. I know there are things I missed. But that should hold y'all down for another week! Drink it up haha. We will be going to Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield today for a hike! It should be scenic and fun! I am doing well, and it is so so awesome to hear again from you. I print off the email every week to come back to! I pray everything will continue to go superb back in Utah! Everything is going well here. I got a call from the higher ups I need a haircut. They said that it looks so good that it is distracting... I guess I be lookin too fly for these cats. Haircut soon! We will eat with the Barnes's so you can get a pic :) 
Any who, I have to jet. I need to slap some photos on here and shoot Abby a line or two! I love you all so very much and just keep being amazing. Let me know if there is anything I can do for y'all! Have a blessed up week!
Elder Dallan Barnes
My thought: Christ is fully invested in us, so the question is, are we fully invested in him?

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