Monday, October 21, 2013

                    Catching up with Brothers from the MTC

              Dallan is a professional ironer....he just can't help ironing everything!!!

 Ever since the "silly" pillow divider on the couch with the sister missionaries... Dallan has made it his mission to tease them relentlessly....good luck ladies! Dallan calls this his Armand it!
        Missionary Ninjas......with foam numchucks! thanks mom
Sampson?! Is that you?? Bark twice if you're in Alpine!! My oh my. Another week in the books! I totally spaced last week that I eclipsed my two months being out. I can't say it has felt like it has been that long. Or maybe I mentioned it has been two months before.. My mind is going crazy. I need to write things down to remember them since there is so much to remember. But yes it has been a superb week! And this coming week will be awesome too! We get to see Elder Oaks on Saturday. He has a rocking first name, just saying. It'd be a little better with an A instead of an I. But yeah, awesome week. At times it didn't seem too productive but people have been calling us. Crazy! I heard that UGA lost again, which is saddening. I know there are people in the Ward that won't come to church if they lose. Football down here is for reals! I heard Utah lost as well. So disappointing. All of these BYU fans have to let me know about it. But let me dive into my week! 
Nothing really conspired for Last Pday. We were going to do Kennesaw Mountain, but it was closed with this whole government shutdown mumbo jumbo. Glad to hear it is sort of back? Will there even be a government for us when I get back? Hopefully.. But, I got this idea for a sick picture. I will be on top of the mountain holding up my Book Of Mormon, with my tie blowing in the wind, facing Atlanta! Armand has a picture similar to what I have going on in my head. I have to get to the top of these mountains (hills....) to scope it out! 
Tuesday was our biggest documented biking day. It equated to a total of 23.3 miles! Monster day! My legs were so hammered after that! The bulk of our ride was to the Stake Center. It is like 6.9 miles away. We had to meet down there for district meeting, which was good! The Zone Leaders are interesting. They are big into military things, so their whole lesson was about a military scenario they read in a book. It is easy to talk about things you are passionate about! We met so many people after that! One guy that was a referral works as an EMT and the other day, a patient refused help and said that God would do what needed to happen. It shook Justin's faith, and how much he needs. We will be meeting with him again! And we just jammed all over here!
Wednesday was super good too! I have this new scripture marking system going on and it is brilliant. Elder Vandersloot showed me the concept, and I am so excited to build on it! Hopefully I am a Scripture Hero! (I just sing in my mind JUKE BOX HERO, its an older rock song). This day got soaked up by a doctors appointment Elder Vandersloot had to go to in Atlanta.  I did rattle off some letters since it was 40 min drive! I hope I hear back from Jake, do you know how he is doing? We just got to work after we got home and saw several people. People that I have only seen once since I got here. Miracle timing I tell you! That timing also got us to visit with Allen, our progressing investigator, 5 minutes before he was heading to Home Depot. The Bingham's (a super legit family, from Connecticut) took us to Steak and Shake, and I had this awesome S'mores shake. It was dandy! We also got ourselves a little trim before Zone Training Meeting at the Heinhold's. They are so awesome too! I think they sent some photos too! Are you friends with Sister Heinhold yet? :) 
Thursday was Zone Training meeting! And it was so awesome because multiple zones were there, since Elder Evans was here for two days. I got to see so many of my boys from the MTC! A blessing indeed! Elder Meservey is doing awesome! I miss that kid! It was just so awesome to chat with him about life! It is crazy how we only knew eachother for 12 days, and we are great friends. Elder Evans was super loving, but also tore us up a bit. He stressed how crucial the book of mormon is. I think I take it for granted sometimes. We got a call from two investigators, out of the blue that evening as well. It was awesome! Answers to prayers and our obedience!
Friday was an interesting day. One investigator that called us to see him, invited us over to help build these foam/pvc weapons for his paintball game. They have only 5 shots, and they also wield weapons to beat each other with. It was awesome to watch his videos. He has a goPro to film it. He is like 6'8", EMT/Firefighter and has the deepest and most burly voice ever. He took us out to eat as well. His wife was ecstatic to meet us! It was a fun morning for sure! He wants us to come out and play in the game, we might have to accept! We Had dinner at the Barnes's house, Mama Barnes as I refer to her now. They are just so incredible! This ward is awesome. It is sad to think that other wards I will serve in wont be as sweet as this! We get fed every night just about. I even got a hug from her! She's my Mom away from home!  We taught Bob again and we are getting him there, and he is getting more comfortable with opening up! 
Saturday is a special day, its the day you get ready for everyday really. The biggest Miracle was this younger woman named Krista, came to us and she poured out her soul. She is in such a hard spot, and this might be her chance to escape it. She wants to be baptized so bad! We had the privilege of blessing her! I am so excited to start teaching her! It is crazy to see all of these people on the surface level and how happy they appear, but deep down there is stuff eating at all of them. I love just being here to comfort and talk to them! I just keep seeing it over and over. I am convinced there is no perfect family out there! 
Sunday, funday! I love Sundays! I love being in the ward and of the ward ;) I just get to talk to so many people! It is awesome to just get to know them and feel the spirit and love that resides in the church! I got to ordain Justin to the office of a Priest, which was an incredible experience! I love using the Priesthood. It is something I definitely took advantage of at home. Pretty much everyone we talked to wanted to feed us. I think they like us! Which is a good thing! I would be okay staying here a while :) And now that leads us to Pday! Let me just say I have been getting to bed on time so much! It is such a blessing! 
That is my week in a nutshell! I am excited for this week upcoming, and hope y'alls will be awesome too! I am so blessed with the most incredible family ever! It is awesome to know that each Monday I get to wake up and here from them! Keep fighting the good fight! I love you all so very much! Let me know if there is anything I can do on my end out here in Georgia! It is cooling down, especially in the mornings. It must have been in the High 30's! Anywho, have one blessed up week and I look forward to hearing from y'all soon! 
Elder Barnes
P.S. Humility isn't thinking less of yourself, it is thinking less for yourself. Be humble brochahos! :) 

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