Monday, August 11, 2014

Aug 11,

Mi familia y amigos!
How is everyone doing this fine day? I am doing just dandy, in case you were wondering. God is good, and this life is supposed to be filled with much happiness. Thank you for being happy! And if you aren't, do what you can to be, or just change the attitude. Let me jump right into my week!

Up #1: Jericka was baptized!!! Satan even threw in all of the hiccups he could have thrown. He is such a loser! Her phone stopped working, we had some scheduling communications. Almost called the whole thing off, but we pulled through! And it was a really touching experience. It was nice to see another individual enter in by the way, into the best decision they could make in this life. There was one difference that made it so much more powerful, I was asked to baptize her. I was a bit of an amateur, but the Lord delivers! And when he delivers, he goes all out. 

Up #2: We will be going to the temple tomorrow, which will be such a great experience to unwind, reload, and get back out to find these lost families. They aren't just lost, they have been taken, by the adversary. While it is good to make sure I am well, it is far more important to labor diligently so that everyone we re supposed to save, will make it. I would hate to have that weighing on my head, that I missed someone. Go to the temple if you get a chance! I could go for some peace real soon!

Up #3: We had an awesome lesson with an investigator who has been struggling overcoming his past (which is quite astounding). I was on a split, just me and a member of the church, and we brought him to the Savior, and explained repentance. I have not seen such a noticeable change in someone's countenance in such a short time. This message surely has power. Another individual I taught with a different member, the first question he had right out of the gun, "What does it take to do what y'all do?" Then he asked us how long it could be until he gets baptized. This young man happens to be Jericka's brother, and he will be a profound missionary! I am so thankful and grateful for the members out here. They help when they can! They make all the difference!

Up #4: The gift of the Holy Ghost is so real. It has been pouring this whole week, like cows and horses. The Lightning storms have been super impressive as well. We found ourselves outside in one of them, and we had one warning strike really nearby, but then had one right over head, and the Spirit just told us to high tail it out of there. So we obeyed! Not sure what would have happened if we didn't, but I know it wouldn't have been good. It is also a good thing that we are water proof. 

That's about all I got for today! Thanks again for the email, time, talents, thoughts, prayers, everything! Let me know what I can do for you! Keep fighting the good fight! Have another blessed up week!

Elder Dallan Barnes

"When you get to the End of the Tunnel, it is not the End of the Path." Bro. Hopkins

"I like Nephi, he got no shame in his game." Jericka

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