Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Aug 18

Life is like a box of...
Who is Forest Gump's Mom to tell you what kind of box, what is in the box, etc. Imagine your own box with whatever goodies you want inside! For me, Georgia is the box! We are at a different Library, so my time will be a little shorter than usual. Less is more?
Up #1: Rick and Tiny, our investigators, who have been through Hell and High Water, have moved back into the area. They are going through quite the gauntlet, but we were able to catch them one evening. I wish y'all could meet them! They sat down and visited with Bishop, and they are choosing a date to be married, and then to be baptized! The Lord's timing and placement is so clutch, as some would say! We lost contact with them for two weeks, but they will have the testimony that would make a lion curl up into the fetal position.
Up #2: We were so blessed to see six investigators at Sacrament meeting! It was a hip hop and happening place once again in the land of Twin Oaks! Sundays are the busiest for sure. I think, someone important, said it was like, a day of rest? One thing I have come to realize, that there is no rest for the Righteous! We had Rick, Tiny, Kia, David, Derek, Christian all there! Big things are to come. We prayed and yearned for many to come to Sacrament, and voila. Ask and ye shall Receive, Knock and it Shall be opened unto you, seek and ye shall find. Pay attention to the first letter of each statement (A.S.K.) coincidence? I think not!
Down #1: Major down, Brother & Sister Allen are down. They have officially departed after serving in the Great Atlanta Mission, and they will be sorely missed! I do not know how I will in any way shape or form be able to repay them. I know when it comes my time to do what they did, I will think of them, and continue to pay it forward like they have. I am excited what is in store for their next adventure! They are such lovely and incredible people! I love them so very much!

 Love you all so very much! Have another super blessed up week! Fight the good fight! Let me know what I can do to help, if there be anything amongst you!
Elder Dallan Barnes

"The Book of Mormon was translated from Gold Plates, so when I say it is Golden, trust me!" I told and investigator that on the phone.

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