Monday, October 13, 2014

Fish out of Water.
We built a series of breathing apparatuses out of kelp, so we could survive no worries! As you know I was deployed, displaced, etc. to labor in an area not my own. I got to spend a week in the Lithia Springs Ward! Monday to Monday! It was crazy being away from Kennesaw Mountain, but miracles were to be had! Thanks for the email, and it appears there is some big news churning around out there. Let me get into and after it all! 
 Up: We got to go the temple and later see Meet the Mormons. It is a great movie, totally recommend it! The temple is as great as usual. God’s peace cannot be found anywhere else! I got to conduct the meeting again which made for an interesting time, but all is well in Zion!
Up Up! The week long exchange went so well! We walked in having a little going on, and left with oodles upon noodles of things happening. It was nothing of my own doing. God gave the increase. I just happened to be able to be a part of the plan. My faith is unshaken in the Lord. The Lord pretty much said that he would fight my battles if I trusted in him, as I was a little nervous about the task that was at hand. I know that there are some families that I was supposed to find down there. The field is so white! One miracle for you! As we were in the concluding hours of the exchange, we felt prompted to go see a lady named Jessica, who is on date. We visited with her and have her set to come to church (she has 8 kids I believe). But after we got done speaking with her, we felt like we ought to go knock on this door above them, who we had spoken with in passing, making some light jokes about coming up to eat (he was carrying groceries in). They let us right in and opened completely up about their lives. Terrence and Tiffany have not been married but have 2 kids. They aren’t sure if they need to break up and part ways. We whipped out the Family Proclamation and explained to them what God sees them as. They were even engaged at one point, but Satan got between them. We helped them see that they need to look to the Lord First, think of the kids, and then each other, then if you have time, worry about yourself. We talked for 45 minutes about how they can be happier together. They really have something special! They accepted to be baptized, and want to have the missionaries over for a “Missionary Appreciation Lunch”. They are incredible!
Down: I feel a little disoriented with what is happening in our area. Things are booming though! I am sure I will get back up to speed! I have two of the finest companions I could ask for!
So that is a wrap as usual! Thanks again for the letter! Have an excellent blessed week all y’all! Love you so very much and let me know what I can do to help! Fight the good fight! Endure and Enjoy to the End!
Elder Dallan Barnes 

What we do in this life, echoes in eternity. 

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